Assistance Package for Families of Government Employees who Die in Service

Government of Pakistan Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division has issued Notification No. 8/10/2013-E.2 dated 20-10-2014 about Assistance Package for the Families of the Federal Government Employees who die in Service. Prime Minister of Pakistan has approved the following amendments/ additions, effective from 15-06-2013, in the existing assistance package for the families of government employees who die during service. 

The amendment/additions in the following headings have been made vide this Notification:

  • Lump Sum Grant
  • Pension
  • Education
  • Cash Payment in Lieu of Plot of Land
  • Employment
  • Marriage Grant
  • The nomination of an Officer as Counsel
  • Special Lump Sum Grant from Benevolent Fund
  • Monthly Benevolent Grant
  • Pre-requisite for Facilitation of Family of Deceased Govt. Employees
  • GP Fund
  • Payment of Pension through Direct Credit Scheme (DCS)

Read news about this package in Urdu.

Below is the Notification of Government of Pakistan regarding Assistance Package for families of Government Employees who die in Service.

Government has also issued the amendment in the above Notification on 22-10-2014 in connection with Retention of Government house or payment of rent for the hired house for 05 years or till the age of superannuation whichever is later.


  1. Isb high court hv given judgement on pm assistance package 2014 and about more than 15 cases are still pending

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