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Track Status of Pakistani Passport Online

Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, Government of Pakistan has launched a system for online tracking of the status of a passport application. This passport tracking system is free of cost. 

This service has been initiated for welfare of the passport seekers. This service will now eliminate unnecessary delays, repeated visits to the passport offices and involvement of agents/ touts. This service will save time and money and give access to information at grass root level.

This new online tracking system is in addition to existing system for tracking through SMS.

How to Track Passport Status Online?

  1. First of all you have to get registered on DGIP website at this URL . It is very simple to make an account there.
  2. Now log on at 
  3. Here you can check the status of Machine Readable Passport (MRP) processed within last three months, just by entering 11 digits token number/ tracking code.
  4. Every successful logged-in user can track passport status for only 3 times per day.
  5. This is a free service. If any person is asking for money for using this tracking service may be reported to Directorate General of Immigration and Passports Office at 

How to Track Passport Status through SMS?

Alternatively, there is also a simple SMS system to track status of your passport. 
  1. Write your 11 digits token number/ tracking code in "Write Message" section of your mobile and send it to 9988. This unique tracking code can be found printed on your token which you got while applying for a passport.
  2. The automated system is programmed to respond in four different scenarios; 
  • An applicant would be informed about the box id and shipment date for collection of passport, if passport has been prepared.
  • Status of passport if it is still in process.
  • Passport office requires more verification.
  • An invalid token id has been entered.


  1. ghayas shabbir s/o ghulam shabbir

  2. i have done all that process of passport but now when i go there in passport they told me come day after tomorrow . that ways any of the policy of our govt in not going properly ... i have polite request to our respectable President that change this illiterate people to passport office because they people are connected with agents and agents get bribery to our victim nation . the Govt should take action on this problems please

  3. tariq abbas s/o Ghulam Hussain

  4. Disappointment! I m here in KSA n i m applied passport n i m checking my status thr sms service sms sending fail.
    Please aap overseas walo ko bhi status chk ka batain???

  5. Even the website is not able to provide any information. The helpline is always busy.

  6. چوہدری صاحب اگر انسان غلطی کرتا ہے تو معافی بهی ہے آپ کیوں پابندی نہیں اٹها رهے جن کے ڑبل پاسپورٹ هے آگر آپ لوگ پابندی نہیں اٹهائیں گےتو وہ غلط کام کریں گے اور مجبور هو کر کیا کریں گے براے مہربانی کر کے پابندی اٹها دیں اور ان کو باهر جانے کا موقع دیں مہربانی هو گی آپ کی شکریہ

  7. Shit system....nothing works

  8. AnonymousJuly 22, 2015


  9. MRP tracking is not working..

  10. MRP tracking is not working still...!

  11. Mrp tracking , SMS services , helpline , all emails I'd not working ye system hain Pakistan ka bht afsoa hota hy .. Muje apne passport ka pata karna 17 days hogae jab jaraha kehte process main hy agar koi muje kisi passport ofc ky director ka on num deskta hy tou please send me ..thanx my cell num is 03472026811

  12. the staff of passport offices including head office staff is rude and non cooperative

  13. I am agree with everyone.
    Like our Pakistani system, this website is piece of shit also,
    no tracking, no response from your email or queries. Checking my passport renewal been applying more than 50 days. No idea where the passport is????
    Very disappointed..

  14. Use the below link, it is working.

  15. Kisi kaam ki service nahi hai passport ki

  16. I applied online for my passport renewal almost 3 months ago and its still in process... the helplines don't work nor have they replied back to my email inquires. anyone here knows of any contact or email that works?

  17. I send message on 9988 for 2 time s of my passport tracking number the sms sent sucessfully but no reply from the tracking number

  18. Plzz tell me
    mujy kisi bhi option se apny passpirt ka pata nhi chal rha 17 days ho gy hain
    Reply back nhi ata k kia status hai