National Geographic TV Report about Pakistan

This video is a part of the TV program series "Don't Tell My Mother That I am in Pakistan" of National Geographic Channel. Diego Bunuel is the correspondent and host of this show. He visited different parts of Pakistan, met people, do a party with them and recorded his TV program.

In the following video, only a group of people is being shown as the face of Pakistan and their thoughts are being taken as the thoughts of all Pakistanis which is not true. There are only a few hundred or thousand such people of Pakistan who are defacing the image of Pakistan. Begum Nawazish Ali also appears in this video.

Just watch the video and give your comments that what type of images they are posing.


  1. This video shows a part of our elite class. It was epic to see Begum Nawazish Ali. Once a Stage actress said that 80% of girls in the Show biz drink involved in drinking. and by seeing this video it looks true

  2. I have watched this documentary twice . overall its fine but the stuff they showed is from elite class and its unfair to describe Pakistan because 90% of Pakistan doesn't belongs to elite class. Most of the citizens of pakistan are after earning enough money to spend their life. They dont have time to do stuff like that 7 Key Questions to Ask and Answer Before You Begin a Job Search They could be more positive about pakistan

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