Plan to build New City near Islamabad

Government has planned to build an extension of federal capital Islamabad near the town of Rawat. Rawat is a town in Tehsil Murree of Rawalpindi district. According to news details, 12Bn US Dollars will be invested in this project of building the new city. It will be built between Rawat and Margala Hills. The idea of this city came from Shaikh Zaid Avenue, Dubai. Multi-storey commercial buildings will be constructed while a new airport near Rawat and two ring roads between Islamabad and Rawalpindi are also included in this project. New and Old Islamabad will be linked via an underground tunnel. 

The government intends to start this project as early as possible. CDA is working to get 25,000 acres of land for this project. It is estimated that it will cost about 70 billion rupees for the acquisition of land. District Collector Rawalpindi has already granted permission for land survey and other necessary actions. 

Construction of this project will surely add a glorious look to Islamabad and will also helpful to accommodate more people and cause business prosperity in the federal capital. This huge investment will also boost business, economic and industrial activities in the country, people will be got employed and industry will be strengthened. It will also cause indirect investment in construction and real estate industry. 

We hope that dream of this project will become true and will not be proved as just a paper project or rumor as there were few other news of such mega projects in Pakistan in near past like World's Tallest Building Project in Karachi. 

What is your opinion about this mega project? Do you think that building a new city near Islamabad is a good idea? Please feel free to share your ideas in comments.


  1. Well many Pakistanis are criticizing this project and saying that government should provide basic healthcare, education first before building such projects but I think that Infrastructure development is also a very important factor in the development of a country. we have to focus on improvement in all sectors and our ultimate goal should be to do progress in all sectors including Tourism, sports, defence, Media, Film, Technology, IT Exports, Textile exports etc.

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  2. Thats the good news develop a new city....some people cricize that gvot should provide basic facilities 1st...i like this projwct as it is the foreign investmen of dubai..not of pakistan....2nd
    it is tool
    Build road + infrastructure then there will be foreign investmnet...foreign investment will brinh the Capital formation ....and they pay the taxes which will spend on the people like,education,etc.....really kile this project...We hope that dream of this project will become true and will not be proved as just a paper work..

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  4. its well and good thinking to launch the such a great project in pakistan, i think its a starting sign of becoming "naya pakistan"

  5. Good work, its seems to sign of "naya pakistan".

  6. It must be started as early as possible

  7. Is the existing Islamabad all saturated? No, it's not! Then it's just a waste of money. First work on the existing Islamabad city (and Rawalpindi too), most of current Islamabad doesn't even look like the Islamabad city is supposed to be. Stop giving Islamabad land to DHA and Bahria Town and other gated communities. Why G15 and other such are gated? Remove that. It all should be like the sectors in the red zone. First get that all sorted, and when that's sll saturated, then think of a new city. And BTW, stop copying other cities ideas like new Delhi etc. Just extend the city by creating new sectors, and don't call it "New Islamabad". It's better with just "Islamabad" with it'd sectors. And yes, another airport on the Rawat side along with actual ring-roads (and not like Peshawar ring-road, if you get my point) would also be a good idea when the city grows.
    And also, first thing is to get rid of the commercial setups in the residential areas and clean the slums and provide better housing to those poor people in the slums, you can't just throw them out of the city.

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