Dec 31, 2012

Get 1Mb PTCL Broadband Economy Package in Rs.499/month

PTCL's 1Mbps Broadband Economy Package

PTCL introduces new offer or package after short intervals. Recently, it has launched two awesome offers:

  1. Free Jadoo Box
  2. Free Vfone Set
Just after 10 days of launch of above offers, a new offer is available. PTCL offers 1Mbps Broadband Economy Package with 10GBs download limit in just Rs.499 per month. Normal monthly charges for 1Mb standard package (with unlimited downloads) are Rs.1250. So in this way, if you are a modest internet user you can have quality internet connection with 1Mbps speed in about 500 Pak rupees. Hence, you can save about Rupees 750 per month which are almost 60 percent of the standard charges. You will enjoy same services but with limit on downloads. Free WiFi Modem is being installed with new connections free of cost.

PTCL Broadband Economy Package

Economy Package Details

  1. Up to 10GB downloads are included in the package
  2. Rs.100 will be charged for every extra 1GB. However maximum limit on DSL charges will be 1500. It means that after usage of 20GBs, it will become unlimited for a that month.
  3. Existing DSL customers can downgrade their packages by paying Rs.1500 charges
  4. This package will be available with PSTN Freedom Package (charges=Rs.250/m)
  5. Terms and conditions apply
So, check and calculate your average monthly broadband usage and if it is less than 10GB you can better opt for this package and can save on monthly basis.

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