NADRA introduced Smart National ID Card (SNIC)

Smart National ID Card by NADRA

NADRA has introduced a new state of the art Smart National ID Card to provide hi-tech solution and protection of the identity of the holder. Smart National ID Card (SNIC) is much smarter and advance than old Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). These are chip-based identity cards; designed in such a way to fulfill all the needs of the latest technological advancements and to store data. Smart cards will be directly connected to a central database of NADRA. 

Holder of Smart NIC will have a free facility of life insurance for two years. There are plans to associate many facilities with it e.g. biometrics, e-tag on motorway tolls, emergency relief in disasters, driving license, weapon license, passport, school card, health card,  and electronic voting. It would also help to access the cash disbursement programs, branchless banking and financial transactions etc. There is also a provision of storing data of approved associates e.g. banks etc.

Mr. Tariq Malik Chairman NADRA wrote in his column in Daily Express on 13 November 2012 that it is the most secure identity card in the world. It is printed in multiple layers and each layer has its own security features. When this card placed on a machine reader, it first verifies its data and then asks for fingerprints of the person to match with the fingerprints stored on the card so it is impossible to misuse this card. 

A first smart identity card was issued to President Asif Ali Zardari last month.

Salient Features of Smart ID Cards

Following are some of the salient features of smart cards:

  1. Chip-based Smart Identity Card with 36 security features
  2. Multi-dimensional usage and services
  3. Social and financial inclusion programs 
  4. State of the art encryption technology
  5. Live identification of captured fingerprints
  6. Easy pension disbursement
  7. Accidental death insurance of Rs.100,000 for 2 years
  8. Compliant with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Standards
  9. Data are written on the card both in English and Urdu which will be very useful for overseas Pakistanis and people who used to travel abroad.
  10. This card cannot be altered, duplicated, forged or misused.
  11. It has named both in English and Urdu.
  12. It has Laser engraved photograph, Optical variable diagram, QR code and machine-readable zone.


The normal fee of SNIC is Rs.1500 while there is no fee for ordinary fresh CNIC. A normal renewal fee of CNIC is Rs.75. Initially, smart cards will be issued for a period of 10 years.
To get your smart card, visit your nearest NADRA Registration Center.


  1. Dear Sir, How can we apply Banking system, Driving License, Passport and Insurance Policies etc through the Smart card.

    Please brief us about the features of smart card that how it enables.


    Holder SCNIC Card
    Chanesar Siyal
    Khipro , Distt: Sanghar

  2. Its amazing post....this need in future a lot..!!! Plastic id cards

  3. AnonymousMay 09, 2013

    how we get driving license through smart card....??????

  4. how to locate family number through this cnic????

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  6. is this card need english translation for foreign, while some smart card reverse side is urdu,

  7. How much time they require to convert CNIC to SNIC?

  8. How can I apply for CNIC online?

  9. i like your blog good info about id card thanks for sharing with us
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  10. What can i use as overseas smart id card? reverse side is Urdu .....

  11. Ejaz Ashraf.
    I dont prefer Smart card for over sea. For over sea purpose you have to go for International Oversea Id Card which has both sides in English and it must have your broad resident address and your local preferment address in Pakistan. You can apply it from your embassy of Pakistan the country where you stay currently.

  12. Sir mera Nic figment gay hai mai kohistan ka hn but abhi mai family k sath abbottabad mai ho mai ni nadra mai kil apna old NIc or pic Diyarbakir 300 fee bhi Liya abhi nadra k side sy text aya hai k ap ni jaha sy Pahli nikala hai waha sy nikalao

  13. Zeeshan here,
    Someone would inform me the NIC (Urdu wala) fees and SNIC (Chip wala) ?

  14. how we can made driving license of smart card and bank system

  15. Sir main smart card se Dubai ja sakta hon visa/vist per plz ans me.

  16. Dear sir ,
    Kindly give me some info. In our neighbours there is a family who decresed their sons age because of their Job issues etc. Due to this they have the youngest ones daughter age decrease to 14 or 15 years but she is 20 years in Real now they have a good proposal of marriage for her daughter now they want to do her marriage. So issue is without nic card how she will get marry. Kindly give some info on this issue. Would they have back to their real ages of sons. Or we have another solution

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