Unified Pay Scales for Government Servants of Pakistan

Unified Pay Scales

Unified Pay Scale is the proposed new pay scale for all the ministries, departments, organizations, divisions and commissions working under the federal government of Pakistan. Currently, there are huge differences in salaries of the same designation but working under different organizations of government of Pakistan. Employees of State Bank of Pakistan, Supreme Court, President and Prime Minister Houses and some other departments are getting higher salaries due to variation in basic pay scales and additional allowances.

Government of Pakistan intends to eliminate the difference between salaries/pay packages between different government departments as the difference in pay scales is against article 25 of the constitution. This unified pay scale will also end up miseries of many employees those were previously a victim of discrimination and prejudice by developing a uniform pay scale for all government employees of Pakistan.

There was also news for the implementation of this unified pay scale system in the federal budget of 2012~2013 but it was not announced due to unknown reasons. 

It is hoped that the government will announce the Unified Pay Scale System in October that will take effect from November this year.

Unified Pay Scale Committee

Federal Ministry of Finance has formed a Unified Pay Scale Committee (UPSC) under the Chairmanship of Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Former Governor State Bank of Pakistan. This committee was constituted a few months back. 

Proposal for Unified Pay Scales

According to media sources, unified pay scales are being formed by merging all the existing 3 Adhoc Relief Allowances in the basic pay and another increase of up to 35%. Presently, Government Employees are getting 3 ad-hoc relief allowances of 50%, 15% and 20% which becomes 85% of the basic pay.

Impact of "Unified Pay Scales" on Pensioners 

According to news, Pensions of pensioners will be frozen on the existing level of Ad-hoc Relief Allowances. 

Unified Pay Scales - Updates

We will publish here the latest news and updates about new pay scales on this website. So keep visiting this web page. You may also bookmark this page for easy access.

Note: This post is based on media news and it has not yet been confirmed by any government official. So, any part of this post should not be taken as a reference until concerned Government authorities announced it officially.


  1. It is good idea to pay all govt servants on uniform scales. These days a trend of upgradation through courts is on the increase. It is suggested that complete structure may be studies by HRM experts and one time change may be made but departmental type increases are a dangerous trend which erodes the system.

  2. Saeed Ahmed Govt. High School Mozang, LahoreOctober 09, 2012

    Waiting for UPS notification.

    Best regards
    Saeed Ahmed
    Govt. High School
    Mozang, Lahore

  3. the idea is not bad is a good step to improve the atmosphere of government offices where the workers will become horses from the donkey after getting handsome salaries

    akeebal karachi

  4. nice idea to improve the capabilities of govt. servants in Pakistan who will become smart horses from the lazy donkeys after getting handsome salaries

  5. may it be possible in punjab

  6. I hope This will implement soon and we ll be so much happy

  7. The worst is that no constitunal implemented in country.one is getting millions the other is living like beggers. shame for the nation.

  8. Hope this will implement soon. We r so much worried about these scales.

  9. Anam g ..... i wish ur hope come true.

  10. Laikn establishment waalay kehtay hain k aisi koi tjweez zeray ghor nhn

    1. it would be a constant relief

  11. thanks for the info hopefully these scales will be revised as soon as possible it will encourage government employees to work more efficiently
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