Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

Many people have searched "Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers" once or many times on the internet, some may be successful to find one real number of a GIRL but most of them failed in this try. Well, this is not true for all but many young boys are crazy to find girls mobile numbers. I am wondered to see that when I searched "Pakistani Girls Mobile Number" (honestly it was my first time, Lols) on a popular search engine, there were more than 600 thousands webpages as result. In the same time, when I make research via a Keyword Tool, I found that about 74 thousand people search exactly this term only on a single search engine while many others used different search engines and different search terms e.g. Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers List and Pakistani Girls Number etc. While there are many others who search for mobile numbers of girls of there own cities e.g. Islamabad Girls Mobile Numbers, Karachi Girls Mobile Numbers, Peshawar Girls....., Gujranwala Girls, Lahore Girls, Multan Girls, Sargodha Girls, Faisalabad Girls etc. So, if you sum up all these individual monthly searches it will become a big number.

Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

Websites with Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers 

There are many websites that are exploiting the young generation by making wrong claims that they have thousands of girls' mobile numbers. Usually, these numbers are fake and if any website has real numbers those too are collected through illegal sources like Easy Load Shops etc. Some bad people also put numbers of their ex. girlfriends or numbers of their relatives while few people also put numbers of others online just to tease them. Social Media Websites are another source of spreading personal information as some websites ask his users to put his mobile phone number but the user is mostly unaware that how to use this number make private. No Pakistani girl will allow her number to be listed on the internet.

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Cheap Call and SMS Packages are Ruining Youth

Cheap call and SMS rates and unlimited daily and hourly packages are very encouraging and supportive for such boys. These packages give them the freedom to make unlimited calls. If they don't have or can't find a mobile number of a girl they start making a wrong phone call on anonymous number in thirst of a girl mobile number. Once they find a suitable mobile number after several calls, they offer friendship and enforce girls to accept it.


I am failed to understand that why Pakistani youth is busy in such stupid activities. It is just a waste of time, don't become fool by doing such useless activities. Instead of this, focus on your studies and become a successful person so you can find your dream life partner in a respectable way.

Sorry, If this post hurt any of you.

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