Pakistani Girls on Mobile Phone

Pakistani Girls

Pakistani girls are generally very beautiful, attractive and caring. It was a time when they get there was not a trend of working women in Pakistan, most of them served their family as sister and daughter before marriage and as a housewife after marriage. But now the scenario has totally changed. Now the majority of Pakistani girls get college and university level education. They even appeared in professional education and become Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Administrators and Accountants and their efficiency is not less than boys in any field. They have proved their abilities in every field of life and working successfully in many organizations, multinational companies and government departments. 

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone is the most useful invention of this era and it has become a basic necessity of everybody. It gets you connected with your loved ones, friends, business contacts and others; no matter where you are. Latest Smartphones comes with lot more features than just voice calls, Smartphones are just like computers and assist you in many ways; to browse the internet, to send an email, to take pictures, to read books, to calculate, maps, navigation and much more. Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone and Android Mobiles gives you millions of applications to install, just think about a function and there will be many apps for it.

Use of Mobiles by Pakistani Girls

In cities and urban areas, almost every girl has her own mobile phone while girls of villages and small towns either have their own mobile or at least have access to a mobile phone of one of their family member. We have discussed in the above paragraph that mobile has become essential for everyone and we should not only focus on negative aspects of it. But it is also very important to remember that mobiles may be hazardous for teenagers especially young girls. We should limit youth's access to mobile phone and should not let them have their personal mobile phone unless they have any solid reason for it or until they become enough mature.

It has been observed that young girls and boys easily make friendships with strangers via calls or SMS from wrong or unknown numbers. They hide these activities from their family and parents. In some cases, these young girls and boys get involved in unethical acts with each other, deceive their family, and make their life a hell. it also affects their studies.


It is necessary to have a close check on the activities of your children and siblings on the mobile phone.

If you agree or disagree with us, please let us know via comments. You are also welcome to share your experience or story.

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