Zong Daily Unlimited Mobile Internet Package

Zong's Daily Unlimited (50MB) Mobile Internet Package

Many internet packages are already available by Zong to its customers, now Zong announced an unlimited internet package with daily tariff plan.

Update: It is a good news that Zong has eliminated the condition of "50MB limit as per fair use policy". Now this package is truly unlimited. Users can use this package without any data limit. Zong made this decision due to customers requests and criticism by media. Critics' point was that this is not fair to impose a limit on unlimited packages.

It is also worth mentioning that this package is called unlimited but actually it is not totally unlimited, there is a limit of 50MB per day to follow fair use policy. 50MB per day data limit of uploading/downloading is not less for ordinary internet users but Pro-users may face problem due to this limit. Daily Unlimited Mobile Internet Package is available to all prepaid Zong customers. After the consumption of 50MB, the subscriber will be charged as per his default package.

Zong Internet Package
Zong Daily Mobile Internet

Tariff Details

Subscription/Activation Charges are Rs. 10.
Daily charges are Rs.10 per day.
Daily download/upload data limit is 50MB.
Un-subscription/Deactivation charges are Rs.5.

Subscription and Un-subscription

Dial *909# from your Zong connection to subscribe to daily unlimited mobile internet package.
To unsubscribe, SMS "unsubunlimited" to 909.

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