Pakistan’s Food Streets

Pakistan’s Food Streets

Photo of a food Street

Pakistan’s food street is a place unique to the country’s tourist destinations. The whole street is dedicated to food stalls, restaurants, food shops and eateries. Any Pakistani cuisine that you could think of, you can get served there. The first food street came about in Lahore, Gawalmandi Food Street, and after this, every major metropolitan city in Pakistan has one of its own. There is Melody Food Street in Blue Area in Islamabad, Burns Road in Karachi, and the food street near Ghanta Ghar in Peshawar.

In fact, Lahorites are known for their love for food that there is another food street in Lahore at Anarkali, a famous and historic place in the city. Pakistan’s food streets have become a social gathering place where one takes guests as well as makes an outing with family. One of the best facilities that these food streets present beside that one can get to explore the cuisines of Pakistan in just one place, is of the cultural exuberance that they show.

There is a charm of eating in a food street itself that one could not get in a typical hotel or a restaurant. The open air, the hustling and bustling place with crowds of people is a sight to witness. The idea of it all, however, did not come about with any specific planning. It just happened and turned out to be beautiful. Now Pakistani food streets are famous the world over and other major cities have taken inspiration from them.


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