PTV has launched PTV Sports Channel


Pakistan Television started its journey with Black and White Transmissions on 26 November, 1964. PTV is the pioneer of television industry in Pakistan. Now PTV is the Biggest Television Network of Pakistan with over 6000 personnel, 7 TV Channels and its huge network which covers almost 90 percent population of Pakistan.

PTV Sports

Pakistan Television Corporation has launched PTV Sports Channel today, 11 January, 2012. The core concept behind launching this new sports channel is to promote our regional sports and to motivate Pakistani youth towards sports and other healthier activities. PTV Sports has started its test transmission in December 2011 from  AsiaSat 3S at an orbit of 105.5ºE.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani inaugurated PTV Sports Channel.

PTV Sports is first ever national sports channel of Pakistan and the 2nd Pakistani sports channel after Geo Super.

Pakistan Television Corporation signed an agreement with Zee TV to broadcast PTV Sports channel for spreading healthy activities through sports events from across the globe. 

Previously Sports Division was working under umbrella of PTV since 1983 and this division was responsible for all sports related news, events and other transmissions through PTV Network.

PTV Sports Channel Frequency Settings

Frequency for test transmissions of PTV Sports Channel was set on AsiaSat 3S at an orbit of 105.5ºE.
Mode, Video Encryption = DVB-S
SR = 2894
FEC SID = 3/4 1
V-PID = 308
NID = 65535
TID = 1
Audio = 256
Language = Urdu
Country = Pakistan
Duration = 24 hours a day

Other Channel of Pakistan Television Network

Now following seven channels are in operation under the umbrella of Pakistan Television Corporation:
  1. PTV Home
  2. PTV News
  3. PTV Global
  4. PTV National
  5. PTV Bolan
  6. AJK TV
  7. PTV Sports


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