PTCL's 3G EVODROID "IVIO Icon Pro" Touch Screen Smartphone

PTCL has launched Pakistan's first 3G enabled Android Smartphone "EVODROID" which was initially named as "IVIO Icon Pro". PTCL gives it the name Touch and Fly probably due to its Touchscreen and High Speed internet access. Ufone had already launched Uth Futura Mobile Phone with 3G Evo Technology but PTCL's IVIO Icon Pro has many more advanced features than Ufone's Uth Futura. PTCL also has introduced PTCL 3G EVO Tab last year.
PTCL's 3G EVO IVIO Icon Smartphone

PTCL's 3G EVODROID Icon Pro - Specifications

Size: 3.5”
Resolutions: 480x320
Type: HVGA Capacitive Touchscreen
5MP Autofocus Rear Camera
0.3MP Secondary Camera
ROM: 512MB Flash ROM
External Memory: Supports up to 32GB Memory Card
Free Memory Card: 4GB Free Memory Card included
Operating System
Android 2.2 Froyo OS
WiFi Hotspot to enable sharing of WiFi and 3G
Bluetooth EDR 2.1
3G Evo
Simultaneous use of 3G Evo and GSM Networks
GPS and Maps
Talk Time: Up to 4 Hrs
Standby Time: Up to 100 Hrs
Body Size
IVIO Icon Pro accepts all GSM SIMs without any restriction of being tied to any specific network.

3G EVODROID ICON PRO Smartphone - Price

PTCL offers 2 different package prices for 3G Evo Icon Pro:
  1. Evo Wind includes Evo Icon Pro Smartphone +15GB data with 6 months validity for Rs.17,999
  2. Evo Wings includes Evo Icon Pro Smartphone + 5GB data with 3 months validity for Rs.16,999
3G EVO Icon Pro Warranty
PTCL's 3G Evo enabled Icon Pro Smartphone comes with 1 year warranty by Airlink Communications.

Post Launch Tariff Plans for 3G Evo Icon Pro

Following 2 options are available for customers to recharge their 3G Evo accounts after expiration of initial free data/ period.
  1. Smart 5GB - 5GB data limit with 3 months validity for Rs. 999
  2. Smart 15GB - 15GB data limit with 6 months validity for Rs. 1,999


  1. although i don't have bought yet it is too good

  2. I bought this phone last week.. 1st impression is very good.. but day by day its feeels my ugly.. batry timing is very bad .. of-course on 3g.. its around about 3-4 hrs.. but without 3g it will with u for a day maximum..
    but suddenly few hour ago i got 0% signal of evo(aka 3g) and got message in lockscreen that "No RUIM Card"... what the hell with it.. and ptcl has no satisfactory support as usual.. tell me the solution if any one have.. my number is 0321-9004300 n email

    1. Assalomoalaikum,
      I was having the problem of "NO RUIM CARD" on 3G Android Smartphone IVIO Pro and was searching for it.Found nothing but your query again n again.I started hit and trial and solved the problem as follows:
      Settings > wireless n network >mobile network>cdma>nv
      Hope this will help you.
      Keep in prayers.

    2. i am having a trouble that my APN setting burst again n again and had to go to AirLink office to refresh whole OS....

      in Settings >> Dual Mode Setting >> CDMA Access Point Names
      i found nothing in here where as there should be PTCL EVO listed here.

      I also tried to add APN with configuration given on some forum but i doest not save setting as well..

      i cant access my EVO :(... plz help!

  3. would u like to sell ur ptcl mobile then plz call 03212424990

  4. I am having a strange problem. I bought it 2 days ago and i faced a problem same day i bought it. it starts auto touching. when i open menu my phone opens different apps automatically. It opens notification bar, apps and different options. I got sick ot it. I cant use my sim in it. I cant make a call when i make a call it starts touch here n there and some time drop my call and sending or writing msg is impossible. it writes msg it self and also send it to a lot of contacts.
    (SIRI can't compete it strange funtions lolz)
    This set is simply bull .... please don't buy this stupid phone. I am really got sick of it in real words just in 2 days

  5. AnonymousMay 30, 2012

    I Am selling my ptcl phone.... any one intersted plz call
    At minimum price of PAK RS:5000\-

  6. I was told that CDMA account can be recharged via ufone facility the account was recharged but no connection through cdma

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