Top 12 Cars in Pakistan

Top 12 Cars in Pakistan – Price, Photos and Specifications

If you are thinking to buy a new or used car and want to know some of the best and most selling cars in Pakistan, you come to right place. You might have to think a lot before buying a car so this post is specially written to tell you basic information about all the best cars and to start a discussion between customers of these cars.

Pakistan is a developing country and just like any other third world country, people are divided in different income groups and classes. So you will see all type of vehicles on its roads from horse-carts to super luxury cars. You will see vehicles of all major manufacturers but mainly Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, BMW, Chevrolet, Porsche etc.

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There are several car brands and models that are liked most by the people but we will only write about Top Ten Cars in Pakistan. Main features, photos and average price of all these cars is given so that you can compare each of these.

1.      Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a Japanese Car which is best seller car in Pakistan. It is available in many solid and metallic colors. It has 5 gear manual transmissions. Xli, GLi and 2.0D are its most popular models. Its price range is from 1,520,000 to 1,810,000 rupees.

2.      Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran is the best choice of average income people. It has simple design. Suzuki Mehran is also available in different colors and models (VX, VX CNG, VXR and VXR CNG). Suzuki Mehran is an economical and fuel saving car. Its price is from 610,000 to 668,000 rupees.

3.      Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus has very attractive compact design; beautiful interior and exterior. Gear Transmission is manual however it is equipped with power steering, power windows and power door locks.
Suzuki Cultus VXRi model is available in Rs.1,029,000 and VXRi CNG model is available in Rs.938,000 in the market.

4.      Suzuki Bolan

Suzuki Bolan is an 8 seat van widely used in offices, schools and colleges for pick and drop. It is also used with some minor modifications by distributors. It is also known as Carry in Pakistan. It has 800cc four stroke engine. Its price is about 690,000 rupees.

5.      Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is also a favorite Pakistani compact design Car. Suzuki Alto is equipped with Air Conditioner and CNG. Price of Suzuki Alto is about 8 lacs.
* Suzuki has now suspended production of Alto Cars.

6.      Honda City

Honda City is also famous car by a Japanese Car Company, Honda. Its design, exteriors and interiors are awesome and it is available in different colors. Manual or Automatic transmission is optional. It is one of the big cars which are widely used in Pakistan. Its price range is approximately 1,548,000 to 1,830,000 rupees.

7.      Honda Civic

Honda Civic is a very attractive and safest car. It has many built-in safety features e.g. Front dual SRS airbags. It is available in many attractive colors like; Atomic Blue Metallic, Spectrum White, Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic, Royal Blue Pearl, Taffeta White, Tango Red Pearl, Urban Titanium Metallic. Its price range is approximately 2,051,000 to 2,404,000 rupees.

8.      Daihatsu Cuore

In Pakistan, Toyota Indus Motors Company Ltd market Daihatsu Cuore. Daihatsu Cuore offers unmatched performance, consistent reliability, driving comfort and safety. It has Japanese technology and superior design. Daihatsu Cuore has different models; CX, CX CNG, CX A/T and Ecomatic. Its price is about 800,000.

9.      Nissan Sunny

It is a 1600cc car, available in 8 different colors. It is equipped with Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking and Air Bags for Safety. Its price is about Pak Rupees 1570,000.

10.     Suzuki APV

Suzuki APV has seating capacity of 8 persons. It has 5 speed manual transmissions. Its engine is 4 cylinders 1493cc. APV’s design is splendid. Suzuki APV has Power Windows, Power Steering, Centeral Locking and Tachometer. Its price is about 2,418,000 Pak Rupees.

11.     Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift is available in many attractive colors like Silky Silver, Graphite Grey, Solid White, Pearl Red and Eminent Blue. It has powerful engine, air conditioner, comfort folding seats and electronic power steering. Its price is about 1.3 million Pakistani Rupees.

12.     Suzuki Liana

Liana is one of the big but affordable cars of Suzuki. It is equipped with 4 cylinders, 1328cc MPI engine. It is a fuel efficient car. It has many automatic options in its dashboard panel. It has anti lock braking system and central locking. It is very comfortable car. Its price range is 1.4 million to 1.5 million Pakistani Rupees.
Note: Information given here are correct according to best of my knowledge and these information are only for illustration. Please contact with your nearest dealer for exact and updated information. This list is totally dependent upon writers own observation and does not represent any official statistics. Some other cars brands/models may be more popular/famous/best seller in Pakistan.

Which is Your Favorite Car?
Which one is your favorite car? Which car do you wish to buy? Do you have a Car, Which one and what do you like in your car? What things do you look into a Top Car? Please write your valuable thoughts, reviews and comments!


  1. I appreciate your effort and thankful to get information with the help of your blog..

  2. this information had helped me to buy a new car!thanks PRINCE

  3. i like honda all modal because its very comfortable and it is also beautiful car it has many beautiful colors honda is a most popular car in pakistan i like it very much..

  4. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    i think swift must b above than city coz why one spend 3 lack more for only a boot and rear seat ac???

  5. I like red color in Suzuki Alto.but i haven't seen Alto in red color.

  6. Corolla is the best value for money. Luxury,safe and comfortable..

  7. All are rubbish, just waste of money and time, go for imported cars.

  8. just corolla and civic are best baqi sub third class hen mehran ka to name bhi nh dena chahye 6 lakh me dabba lena hua go for imported just like vitz meera

  9. I am dealer and sell number of cars in a week. No Doubt corolla is the best car but Mehran has more resale value as compared to corolla due to its very less price. Good and with Latest features Mehran can be buy in 5 lac Rs but latest Toyota not less than 15 lac Rs. If you have low budget and want big comfort then go for Liana because in 8 lac Rs you can buy 2008 model Liana but 2008 model Honda Civic is not less than 15 Lac RS. Suzuki Liana launched to beat market of other big cars but in 2006 model there were some techincal issues,however, in later models company fixed such issues and no doubt Liana from 2007 to onward beat mega car market or resale of 2007 to onward models is same like Cultus.

  10. just in pakstan most people are by foot than how i select a car we have no mony

  11. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    All Pakistani cars are just waste of money it is the time to go for Japanese cars like EK Wagon, Mira etc. All the luxuries you would get in Honda or Toyota like automatic transmission, power steering, air bags, power windows etc. for about 20 lac, you can get all these in only 7-8 lac.

  12. toyta Vitz one off the Best Car in Pakistan And Houda city 2005 and 2007 is best for those they have enough money. Jeme khan EXpert in cars finance

  13. I Like Toyta Vits 2013 one off the fully loded car air baig Abs Bracking System Power windows and outclass look.

  14. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    Alto is best car coz easily availability of spare parts and good fuel and Cng economy I'm driving since 10 years

  15. Please tell me a lot about the 2004 Mazda rx8 I want to buy one. my friends have a 350z and a 2000s please tell me about it's rule efficiency

  16. excuse me? PAK Suzuki Alto with "power steering and power windows"? You need to research a little bit more mate.

  17. AOA. Cultus is the best, economical, comfortable and affordable car

  18. Assalam-o-Alaikum,
    I am Syed Mansab Shah...
    Thanks a lot because my dad were in big trouble of finding a new car... Your blog has good information. We bought Toyota Corolla GLI 2014. Its a luxurious car Me, My Dad's and my family's favourite car...
    Thank you very much...
    May Allah bless You.

  19. Hello!
    I want to buy a new car with power steering but i can't understand that what model should i buy so can any body help me in this matter ??

  20. aaqib khanAugust 20, 2015

    I want to buy vitz or passo plzzz tell me which car is best for famely bcos i am not expert in cars buying....plzzzz tell me freindxx

  21. Corolla is worst as it is not equipped with good features and its price is more than 1600000 with even no automatic transmission eg:- Xli

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