Budget of Pakistan for Year 2011~2012

The budget of Pakistan for Year 2011~2012
Federal Budget of Pakistan for fiscal year 2011~2012 will be announced soon. This will be a budget of about 3.5 trillion Pakistani rupees while the budget of the current year 2010-2011 is Rs.3.259 trillion. Rs1.952 trillion tax revenue is estimated for the year 2011-12. Federal Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh will present the budget in National Assembly, after detailed discussion and revisions in this budget; it will be approved by the assembly till the end of June 2011. GST will be replaced with Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) and Tax on Assets will also be introduced instead of Wealth Tax.

Increase in Salaries of Government Employees
According to sources, salaries of government employees will not be increased this year but I do not agree with it and I think that the Government will increase salaries, however, increase may be very minor.

Public Suggestions for Budget
As everybody knows that it is the general public who suffers more from any new taxes and/or increase in the rate of existing taxes. Inflation also struck the public very badly especially salaried persons and unemployed persons. So, I want to know, that what are the expectations of readers of this article from the upcoming federal budget, which things they want to see in this budget and which things they want to change. You are most welcome to share your opinion!


  1. Abdul HaqMay 27, 2011

    At least 50 % Increase of salary will be announced for those departments those salaries were not increased in last year budget, One of the Department is Rescue 1122, they are deserving.

  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    It is very much regretted if Fed Govt:will not be announced increase in Salaries of employees.... more then 200% increase in prices of basic consumer products even patrol prices are jumped up to 100% compare to last years prices... Govt has announced 100% increase in salaries on Armed forces and 50% of civilians last year with the promise that next 50% will be announced in next 3 years..... Mr, PRESIDENT please look in to matter personally... THANKS

  3. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    50% increase in salaries is really awesome but looks fake as response to increased hyperinflation. The people of Pakistan are suffering due to high economic crises. This might be help full but cannot remove the whole grief due to:
    Increased Price in daily consumer goods.
    Security infrastructure.
    Disturb education system.
    Reduced GDP growth rate.
    Increased poverty.
    but Government of Islamic republic of Pakistan is quite satisfied and claiming to the best in previous decade.

  4. At least 50 % Increase of salary will be announced for those departments those salaries were not increased in last year budget, One of the Department is Rescue 1122, they are deserving

  5. Yar ye to dakian k salary person ke getni ye salary increase kar rehain ha us ko ik tarf our sugar our oil ke price ko daily basis pa compare kar lain to mamla doud ka doud our pani ka pani hu kar samnay a jata ha. Main apny alha hukam ko is bat ke tarf lana chahta hun ka hum ko ap na sirf salary ka chakar main dal kar apnay kaam to pasy parda dal diya ha. Inqlab lana ha to !!! sab sa pehlay HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) ke is hadees mubarka par amalpara huna pary ga (TUM JO APNAY LEA PASSAND KARTAY HU WOHI APNANY DOSRAY MUSLMAN BHI KA LEA PASSAND KRO)

  6. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    rahter only increaseing the salries and roads, education budget shall see for the poverty in the country, lower than a certain level. like hazart umer farooq RA said if in my state even a dog dies hungry i would be asked about it. the most cause of current crisis is ham mei ehsas nahi raha, aik dosraay ka this due to this poverty... govnt should build some food houses in all cities to atleast fullfill the needy...and create jobs for them aswell.

  7. i have read out the comments of all the above Paki citizens, the thing which I have noted is, that all the peoples of Pakistan want that Govt: should increase the salaries of the working classes, whether they are working in private sector or public sector, just to meet their desired expenditure i.e. education, health, shelter, gas consumption, electricity, water facility, transportation, food stuff on daily basis, etc.
    I would appeal to the president and prime minister of Pakistan that they should do something in the favour of the poor class or low class of the society, these people are also the part of our beloved Pakistan, they also have a special right on the assets of Pakistan. we while living in the community, should heed the requests of the lower class as if we ignore them while they are begging in the public places, who will be coming to help them in this era of hyper inflation.
    Govt should curtail their expenditure specially on entertainment of their foreign guests, visit abroad, and get together parties. they should think about the poor class which has already elected these figures sitting in the government.

  8. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    it's like weekly expense of an american president,might bit less.

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