Jul 8, 2010

How to Get A Credit Card in Pakistan?

How to Get A Credit Card in Pakistan?

Credit Cards are also called as plastic money. It is widely used in western world but it is used in Pakistan too. The interest rate of loans taking through credit cards is much higher than any other bank loan.

Eligibility Criteria in Pakistan to Get A Credit Card
In Pakistan, different banks offers credit cards so the eligibility criteria may be different from bank to bank. But generally the banks requirements to its customer are as under:
  • He should be Pakistani resident.
  • His age should be at least 21 years.
  • Minimum verifiable income is Rs. 20,000.
  • Six months bank statement of customer's bank account.
  • NADRA's issued CNIC
  • Two references
  • One landline number
It is not necessary for a person to be an account holder of the same bank before applying for a credit card.

Banks That Offers Credit Cards in Pakistan
Following Banks offered credit cards in Pakistan. Type of credit card(s) which are offered by a bank are mentioned against the bank name.
Citi Bank - Master Card + Visa Card
RSB (Royal Bank of Scotland) - Master Card
Standard Chartered Bank - American Express Card + Visa Card
Askari Bank - Master Card
Bank Al-Falah - Visa Card
Allied Bank - Master Card
MCB Bank - Visa Card
UBL Bank - Visa Card

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