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Haier Automatic Washing Machine HWM90-1789 Full Review

After doing a lot of online and market research, I decided to purchase a Haier fully automatic washing machine model HWM for my home. I have created a list of 5 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in Pakistan under Rs. 45,000. And I am doing a detailed review of Haier HWM 90-1789 in this post, as promised earlier.
Note: It is not a sponsored post.
Haier Automatic Washing Machine HWM90-1789 Full Review

Haier Automatic Washing Machine HWM90-1789 Full Review

I divided this review in following different sections.


It is a top load type fully automatic washing machine with 9Kg load capacity.

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 9 Kg
Dimensions (in mm): W550xD570xH940
Voltage/ Frequency: 220~240V/ 50Hz
Rated Washing Power: 400W
Rated Spinning Power: 300W
Water Inlet Pressure: 0.03MPa~1MPa
Gross Weight: 43Kg
Net Weight: 38Kg

Programs and Processes

It has 8 preset programs; Normal, Heavy, Deep Clean, Delicate, Wool, Quick, Spin and Air Dry. These programs have preset settings of wash, rinse and spin time. It also has Tub Clean and Child Lock functions.
It gives you the option of manually setting water level, wash time, rinse time, spin time and delay.
Remaining time in minutes is shown on the display.
Haier HWM90-1789 Washing Machine Control Panel

Haier HWM90-1789 Tub


It comes with the following features;
  • One Touch solution
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Memory backup
  • Dual filter
  • Child lock
  • Tub clean


It has a metallic body and tempered glass top lid. Design is very compact and attractive. Control panel is given on the top front side with LED display. It has separate compartments for detergent, liquid detergent, and softener.


Installation is easy if you are a handyman with basic technical skills and also have the required tools. Otherwise, you can hire a sanitary fitter to install it. You should provide a separate dedicated water tap to the machine. There should be a proper way for a drain line and an electric socket nearby.
I installed my washing machine in one of the washrooms. I provided a separate electric supply board with a socket on the wall near the machine. 
For water supply, I draw a line from shower mixer tap so it becomes into two taps; one specified for the washing machine is installed along the wall. I installed a long pipe with a tap on already installed shower mixer with a t-joint. One reason for installing it on the shower mixer is to give hot or cold water.
The bottom plate is given to install for prevention from insects to enter the machine from the bottom side. To balance the level of the machine, adjustable knobs are given on the front side of the bottom frame.


Overall performance is satisfactory but if your laundry has tough stains on collars or cuffs etc, you should pause the wash cycle and hand wash these stains.

Haier HWM90-1789 Automatic Washing Machine Operating Manual

You can download Haier HWM90-1789 Operating Manual from here.


It comes with a one-year general warranty while 10 years motor warranty.
Haier Warranty Card

Haier Customer Services Centers

Haier Customer Service Center Addresses and Phone Numbers

How to use Child Lock?

To activate child lock in Haier washing machine model HWM-90-1789, press Process and Set both buttons simultaneously for 5 sec. Child lock LED light will glow and now the child lock is activated. From now on no one will be able to interrupt the washing machine cycle until it is deactivated. Even no one will be able to switch off from the Power button. 
To deactivate, again press Process and Set buttons at the same time so that child lock LED turns off.

How to use the Tub Clean function?

Press Program and Set buttons at the same time to use Tub Clean function in Haier HWM90-1789 washing machine. It may take more than 12 hours to complete tub clean function so don't be panic and wait calmly to finish the process. You may see several codes during this process and you will also see that the machine is in standby condition most of the time, it is normal, you don't need to press any button.

There are many other models of Haier Washing Machines available in Pakistan.
In Top Loading Washing Machines; HWM 85-1708, 85-826, 200-1678, 150-1678, 120-1678, 95-1678, 110-1789, 80-118, 85-7288 and 75-918.
In Front Loading Washing Machines; HWM 80-16786, 100-16786, 70-14636, 120-1558 and Duo Golden.

Error Codes of Haier Washing Machines and their Solution

Different error codes appear on the display of the washing machine. Each of these codes has its own meaning and significance. Some of the error codes and their solution is given below:
E2: If E2 displays on the screen, it means that the top lid is not fully closed. Close the top lid and press the start button.
E1: E1 displays when the drainage hose is blocked or not placed on the floor.  Clean the drainage hose and put it down. Open and close the top lid once and press the start button.
E3: Reorder the laundries and check that the machine is placed horizontally and is not slanting. The machine will start working within 10 seconds of adjusting its position and arranging the clothes again.
E4: If the water filling does not work or is slow, the digital displays E4. Open the water tap and if the water pressure is low, use when the water pressure is normal.
E6: Water level sensor is bad. Please contact the after-sales service department.

If you have any queries regarding this post, please ask in the comments section.


  1. Hmm program and set button press kya par display pay CH code aya iska kya matlab hai...

  2. Tub clean may ch Kay bad 6h ka Kia Matlab aur machines stop kafi dar say

  3. Spin is not working properly

    1. You should claim warranty at your local Haier Authorized Dealer.

  4. Haier service centre is not best

  5. AnonymousMay 02, 2019

    I called Haier to ask about use of hot water in the machine. They say its meant to be used with cold water and you you can only put slightly warm water otherwise with time it will lose its functions. I am lost as i always have used hot water

  6. How to clean the tub after pressing program and set button at the same please

    1. Auto tub clean function will start after pressing program and set buttons simultaneously if the tab water is available. Please also add some detergent.

  7. Planning to buy this one. Kindly suggest if it's still worth it. Available for approx 40k.

    1. Yes you can find it for about 35 to 37 thousand rupees in the market.

    2. Any reliable dealer in Karachi?

  8. Tub clean isn't working. Cah error occurs, how to clean it?

    1. Yiu can do it manually by selecting minimum duration process.

  9. I m not getting how to clean washing machine.i mean there is no option of tub clean.

    1. There is no separate button of tub clean. You have to press Program and Set buttons at the same time to clean the tub. It will take several hours to complete this process.

  10. I start the machine and it stops and pulse it then instead of washing it starts rinsing

    1. Please change the washing program. And if the problem remains, contact nearest Haier Service Center.

  11. Machine makes noise during wash time. It is normal?

  12. Is it normal machine makes noise during wash time?

    1. Noise is not normal however sound of spinning might be there. Moreover, Please adjust machine base with provided adjustable screws so the top of the machine gets level. And contact Haier service center, if id does not work.

  13. How to clean detergent box?

  14. Its showing error FH and stopped working
    What should i do to resolve this ?

  15. Water is not stopping from detergent box even when the machine is powered off

  16. How to atop auto restart bcz when clothes are done in machine, if tap is open, it again starts taking water n starts the washing cycle again. Do i need to stand by the machine all the time.?

  17. When i press start button,instead of starting, the machine stops and nothing displayed on the screen. Regardless of which operation is selected.

  18. What should I do if I want to just wash the clothes 2 times and dont want to waste the water

  19. How to set manual settings and save it for use in future?

  20. Washing ky ley pani machine main store ni ho ra drain ho ra sath sath plz guide

  21. Mere oases haier hwm90 1789 he,rinse ke baad spin nhi karti again and again rinse par chali jati he r remaining time b zyada ho jata, need solution

  22. Not wash properly.... Stain remains after washing

  23. Spin option pe jatey hai dobara rinse option activate ho jata hai or machine phir se pani layne lagti hai. Model HWM 120-1678

  24. 1. I have haier hwm90 1789 he,rinse ke baad spin nhi karti again and again rinse par chali jati he r remaining time b zyada ho jata, need solution
    2. Shows E3 more often, have to order laundary for every wash, need solution

  25. E8. Error is coming on my washing machine 150-1678. Just installed. Pls help

  26. Its been working alright for about one year n now when we start washing it start getting water trom the tap but drain at the same time it does not store the water n the operation doesnt start please guide in this regard.. aik or bhai ne bhi same sawal poocha hai k start kerne pe pani store nae hota sath sath nikalta hai

  27. Machine keeps on going to rinse, when slect spin only
    Please help