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All Information for Issuance of Computerized Number Plates for Old and New Vehicles

Issuance of computerized number plates has been started in Punjab for old vehicles (cars, bikes and commercial vehicles, etc). If computerized number plate for your car or motorbike has not yet been issued, you can get it just by paying the fee at the office of Motor Registering Authority. If your number plate has been broken or lost, you can also get issued a duplicate number plate by paying the fee. Price of computerized number plate for car and commercial vehicle is Rs.1200 while for ricksha and motorbike is Rs.750.

Computerized number plates will be delivered at your home address through TCS Courier Service. If you have deposited the fee, you can get the status of your number plate by sending your vehicle number, CNIC number, name, and address to 9989.

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Use a printout of the following form to apply for the issuance of number plate. Visit nearest Motor Registering Authority Office with the duly filled application form, original file, registration book, token tax certificate, etc.

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  1. zabardast ....thanks for information ...

  2. Facility to fill the form online should be provided in the system. Online submission of form should be added in the record and acknowledgement number should be issued to the applicant. Excise should be able to tell approximate date of delivery of the Registration Book and Number Plates to the applicant online. Fees form should be devised with clear instructions whether the fees should be deposited with a bank or in the Excise office.

  3. Can I apply Rawalpindi registered vehicle in Lahore?

  4. How I check my vical number plate online that's available or not please help me and tell me the procedure

  5. my vical number plate online LEV9144