How to Unsubscribe Easypaisa SMS Transaction Alert Charges Code

In Pakistan, there are numerous funds transfer apps (services) but easy paisa is the 1st priority of all Pakistanis. This is because of the quick funds transfer ability of this service and the affordable charges of EasyPaisa.

But these days all EasyPaisa users are facing 1 difficulty. Basically, the officials sent an SMS that notified us that Easy Paisa had deducted 15 rupees from our account. You will get the following SMS on a monthly basis.

Dear User, you have been charged a non-digital transaction SMS alerts fee of Rs. 15 (incl. tax) 

This money is the fee of the SMS alert service. If you want to get rid of such extra services, then read this article.

Easypaisa SMS Alert Charges Unsubscribe

There are 3 different methods to Unsubscribe Easypaisa SMS Alert Charges. You just need to select one method from these 3 and continue toward the deactivation of this service for free.

Three different methods to deactivate / unsubscribe:

1. Code Method To Deactivate
2. Visit the Easypaisa Help Center
3. Call on official Helpline

Let’s see the unsub/deactivation/unsubscribe methods of Easypaisa Monthly SMS Alert Charges with a step-by-step easy guide.

1. Deactivate Using the Code Method

Follow these steps to deactivate/unsubscribe from the Easypaisa Monthly SMS Alert Charges Service for free by following these easy steps:

  • Telenor SIM users dial 3737
  • Other SIM users dial 042111003737
  • Next, reply with 3 to proceed
  • Reply with 7 and continue
  • Now reply with 1 to confirm

Done! Easypaisa SMS Alert will unsubscribe. And no balance will be deducted from your EasyPaisa account from the next month.

Visit EasyPaisa Help Center

There are numerous help centers or franchises of Easypaisa (Telenor). You just need to visit the help center and ask the agent to deactivate this SMS Alert service. So that in future you will not have to pay an extra 15 rupees for SMS alert service.

  • Visit the Franchise or Help center
  • Now ask them to unsub this service
  • They will deactivate the SMS alert on your number

Call on official Helpline

In the end, if you face any problem while proceeding to unsub this service, then you need to call the helpline service of easy paisa. Moreover, you can visit the official website of EasyPaisa and click on the “Need Help” WhatsApp button to connect the officials with your WhatsApp account.


Finally, we have provided all possible tricks and methods that can deactivate this service from your number. Hence, save your future balance by deactivating this extra SMS alert service.


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