What Parents should Do for their School Going Children | Expectations of Children from their Parents

This post is written by a teenager Abdul Wahab Jamshed, a student of matric class. Actually, I asked him to write a few points which he thinks that parents should do for their school-going children. The points he wrote really inspired me so I decided to share these key points with all readers of this blog.
These points are expectations of children from their parents, so the parents should read carefully and follow the relevant points to improve their children's education.

  • Parents should follow the instructions given by the school in order to seek guidance from school teachers.
  • They should give priority to their children's choice that what he/she wants to study. It may help the children to study well.
  • Parents should provide safe and easy transportation for their children such that no unwanted activities take place on their way to school. Make sure that your children reach school on time.
  • The children's company matters a lot. Parents should know about their child’s friends and then help them to choose the best friends that cannot harm their children by social and physical means.
  • I have observed that the parents trust the tuition centers but they should help their children in their studies themselves.
  • Tuition centers just develop the students reading habits but moral training should be given by the parents when it is needed.
  • If the father is a job holder then a mother should give time to their children to know about their weaknesses.
  • Parents should be in contact with their children's school teacher that whether their children are involved in some malicious activities or not.
  • Parents should attend school meetings in order to improve their children's results after discussion with teachers.
  • Make sure that your children's homework is done and help them with their homework so that they don’t think that work is a burden for them.
  • Parents can motivate their children to study by giving them lectures about the importance of science with the help of stories and experiments to make it interesting and joyful.
  • Parents should appreciate their children's efforts (even very little efforts) to make them work hard.
  • Parents should make a timetable of their children's daily routine to make them punctual. 
  • Sports play a vital role to develop/ improving children's mental and physical health. Parents should give the necessary time to their children for sports.
  • Offering prayers (Namaz) is the key to success. school going children who are above 10 years must develop the habit of offering namaz five times a day and it is the duty of parents to make them punctual if they want the success of their children.
  • Let the children make mistakes so that parents correct them and teach them the right path.
  • Give your children a healthy breakfast and lunch for school instead of junk or packet food so that no health problem/ weakness occurs during school time and he/she can focus on his/ her studies.
  • Appreciate all the good skills of your children whether they are related to study or not and focus on your children's interests and let them do it in their spare time. Parents should give importance to their children's hobbies


  1. Mashaallah
    Very inspiring
    May God bless u ❤

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2022

    Aryyy MashaAllah its really the voice of the children hearts...

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2022

    Picture shown is the same child??? If yes how innocent he is

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