FBR announced monthly Prize Scheme of Rs.53,000,000 - Complete Details

FBR announces prize scheme for shoppers/ customers who obtained invoices from POS tier-1 retailers integrated with tax authorities. And FBR has launched a media campaign for the awareness of the public in this regard w.e.f. December 11, 2021. 
Thousands of prizes including the first prize of 1 million rupees will be distributed every month to the winners after computerized balloting. People are being encouraged by publishing ads in the national newspapers to actively participate in the balloting to win prizes after buying from POS integrated retailers. 

First Balloting will be held on January 15, 2022 at FBR Headquarters. Those buying from POS integrated retailers in the month of December 2021 will be included in the balloting. 

How to Participate in FBR Prize Scheme

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced a reward scheme for raising revenue. FBR officials say send us sales tax receipts/ slips and win prizes. The more receipts, the more chances to win a prize. 
All you have to do to participate in this prize scheme is to shop from tier-1 POS retailers registered with FBR. And after shopping send the shopping receipt/ slip or bill to the FBR for verification and to participate in the prize scheme as per the methods given in the end of this post.

When FBR Draws will be Held?

Draws will be held on the 15th of every month and all the verified receipts of the previous month will be entered in the computerized ballotting. 

FBR Prizes Details

According to FBR officials, crores of prizes will be given through the ballotting every month.
  1. First Prize of Rs.1,000,000 (1 prize)
  2. Second Prize of Rs.500,000 (2 prizes)
  3. Third Prize of Rs.250,000 (4 prizes)
  4. Fourth Prize of Rs.50,000 (1000 prizes)
So there will be 1007 prizes of total worth about 53 million rupees.

POS Invoice Verification through SMS

In order to verify the purchases from Tier-1 Integrated Retailers, the customers shall verify their electronically generated invoice either through Tax Assan App or by sending the invoice number via SMS to 9966.

POS Invoice Verification through "Tax Asaan Mobile App"

This mobile application shall notify the customer regarding the status of the invoice either as verified or unverified.
Tax Asaan is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free download and gets installed with one tap. Once installed, simply tap on the application icon to get started.

How to Verify Invoice

Open Tax Asaan Application from your smartphone. Click on the “Verify Invoice” icon from the dashboard. Click on the “Verify Invoice” icon from the dashboard as shown below:

The application will redirect the user on the invoice verification form as shown below:
Enter Invoice Number or click on QR code icon to scan the invoice code. On scanning, the application will display the code in the Invoice Number field. After providing the invoice number click on the “Verify” button. On successful verification, the application will display all information of provided invoice number as shown below:

In case of verification failure, the application will load a message asking the user if he/she wants to report the unverified invoice number to FBR for further action as shown below:

Click on the “Yes” button if you want to report the unverified invoice number. The application will redirect the user to the “Report Invoice” form as shown below. Click “No” if you do not want to report the Invoice number and return back to repeat/terminate the verification process.

After providing desired information in provided input fields click on the “Submit” button to report the invoice. The application will load a success message as shown below to confirm reporting an unverified invoice for further action.

You can seek further information on the Prize Scheme by calling at FBR Helpline - 051-111-772-772.

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