Zong Tax Certificate 2021 | How to get Zong Tax Certificate

Obtaining Zong Tax Certificate is a very easy and simple process. You need this tax certificate for claiming relief/ adjustment in your income tax by FBR. A Withholding Tax Certificate is a documentary proof of your paid taxes to any service provider i.e. Zong, PTCL etc. It lists all of your expenses/ bills of that specific company and withholding tax that the company has collected from the customer. Then at the end of every financial year while filing tax returns a tax filer claims adjustments against these already submitted withholding tax. So this certificate is required for the above-described purpose.

Getting Zong tax certificate as simple as 1, 2, 3.
  1. zong-tax-certificate
    Just open your MyZong app on your mobile phone. 
  2. Click on Tax Certificate icon from the menu (as shown in the picture below).
  3. Enter the start and end dates and press the "Download Tax Certificate" button.
And your tax certificate will be downloaded on your mobile phone instantly.

At present, there is no option for tax certificate downloading on Zong website.

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