How to Block Online Unlawful/ Illegal Content on Internet and Social Media

Uploading unlawful content on internet and social media is an offence and punishable under PECA 2016 act. Be a responsible citizen and do not post/ share prohibited content falling in the following categories:

  • against the glory of Islam
  • against security and defence of Pakistan
  • against public order
  • violating decency and morallity
  • related to contempt of court
  • hate speech (interfaith, sectarian and racial)
  • false news/ dignity of a natural person
  • child p____grap_y
  • any other offence under the prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 (PECA)

How to Report Online unlawful/ Illegal Content on Internet and Social Media

You can report to PTA online for blocking of online unlawful content on the internet and social media at the following link.

Do not post hate speech online. Use your constitutional right to express your views but do not post/ share any content which may advance interfaith, sectarian or racial hatred.

posting anti-Pakistan material online is unlawful. Be a responsible Pakistani. Uploading/ sharing of content against the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or against public order is unlawful.

Stop indecent/ immoral content online.

Do not upload sacrilegious content online. Uploading/ sharing of content on the internet/ social media platforms against glory of Islam including blasphemous, sacrilegious and sectarian content is unlawful.

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