COVID-19 Pandemic is a Global Emergency

What is Coronavirus!!! A virus that causes COVID-19 (a respiratory disease) is called Coronavirus. This virus becomes notorious in December 2019 due to its outbreak in Wuhan, China. In the beginning, no one took it seriously but with the passage of time, it proved to be a threat to the existence of human beings. Now, every country is under the shade of the threat of Coronavirus. The whole world is fighting a lifesaving war against this virus. At the present moment, it has reduced the human population by 54k. It means the 54000 humans have lost their lives till this date and there are more than one million reported cases to date. It has proved a speed breaker to the new world of science and technology. It is just like a hungry lion chasing humans to take their precious lives. In other words, it has become a major threat to mankind. 

The world is still on the way to find the vaccination to COVID-19 but failed. American President Donald J. Trump has hyped Chloroquine as a cure for COVID-19 but it is not a cure. China and Europe are also finding a cure for COVID-19. The best way to get rid of increasing cases of COVID-19 is to break the linkage of Coronavirus. Coronavirus makes chains due to contact of humans with the places containing corona virus. 

China proved to be an epicenter of this outbreak. Fortunately, there are no new cases in China as China has controlled the situation raised due to COVID-19 but the no. of COVID-19 patients is still increasing in the rest of the world. 

Coronavirus has also caused a huge economical crisis in world markets. Oil prices have reduced to the prices that were 17 years ago. The estimated loss for different trading companies is 12k Billion Dollars. The Aviation industry has estimated a loss of 252 billion dollars in this current year. Even the world’s economic powers like America and China are suffering from a great loss. Developing countries like Pakistan, India, Iran, etc. are also facing a huge amount of economic losses. 

Due to the current economic situation, Iran is facing a terrible situation. Iran cannot tackle such a worse situation raised due to COVID-19. It is because of sanctions of America on Iran. Iran cannot import medical equipment required to tackle coronavirus. More than 3200 citizens of Iran have lost their lives to this date. There is a fear of an immense increase in causalities in Iran due to a lack of respective medical facilities. The government of Pakistan is also appealing to remove sanctions on Iran on humanitarian basis. 

COVID-19 is proved a nightmare for a developed country Italy. The situation is so worse that more than 14,000 citizens of Italy have left this world. There are rumors that the army is deployed to collect the dead bodies of victims. More than 115,000 coronavirus victims are also on the verge of death. The growth of Italy is estimated to be one percent less than predicted growth for the current fiscal year. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States of America is now the major victim of COVID-19. In recent days, 75 percent of cases have been reported from the USA and Europe. To Overcome the Economic situation, the USA has announced a package of 2 Trillion dollars for its country. European countries have also started to lockdown their countries. European Countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland are the most affected countries in Europe. 

To tackle the current human Crisis, Pakistan has announced a 1.1k billion rupees package to help its industry to run in a smooth way and help daily wagers. So far 35 Pakistanis have lost their lives and more than 2,450 corona patients have been reported. The government of Pakistan is taking quick measures to fulfill the needs of medical equipment in the country. 
COVID-19 Most Affected Countries as on 03-04-2020 (Source:

We can avoid such a terrible situation by taking necessary precautionary measures. People should stay at their homes; self quarantines themselves and avoid unnecessary contact. In the same way, if a person has symptoms like fever, cough, and tiredness then one may be a patient of COVID-19. This person should go for self-quarantine and for medical assistance. 

In short, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global emergency. It has become a threat to the existence of human beings but we should remain optimistic that one day we will defeat the curse of COVID-19. There will be a hustle and bustle in the world. Everyone will be living a life free of any sort of threat. Children will play their favorite sports in the open areas, ladies will shop whatever they want, and men will travel to their favorite destinations.

Guest Post contributed by: Muhammad Hassan (a student of Mechanical Engineering at UET Taxila)

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