How to file a Cyber Security Crime Report to FIA

If any Pakistani is facing a cyber security threat or has become victim to a cyber crime, he can report his complaint to FIA's National Response Center for Cyber Crime. FIA's NR3C is responsible for investigation/ prosecution of hi-tech crimes, forensic analysis of digital devices, digital crime investigation, advisory on information security and capacity building and awareness of government departments, etc. in Pakistan.
Cybercrime is any illegal activity commissioned via computer, digital devices and networks and the internet. It includes stealing money from online banking to harassing internet users and online identity theft. Hacking, digital piracy, online financial fraud, computer viruses and malicious software are also cyber crime and NR3C is dedicated to fights against these malicious activities.

The NR3C FIA can entertain the following category of complaints:
  1. Un-Authorized Access to Physical Information system, digital data, personal identity.
  2. Email hacking, Fake id on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  3. Online fund transfer fraud through bank, ATM, Easy paisa, U-paisa, Time pay or any other online fund transfer facility
  4. Impersonation and defamation on social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
How to Report Cyber Crimes to FIA

How to file a Cyber Security Crime Report to FIA

When someone becomes a victim of a cyber attack on his PC, smartphone or social media network (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.), he may file his complaint to Federal Investigation Agency's National Response Center for Cyber Crimes via any of the following five ways:

Via Online Complaint Registration Form

Visit . a simple form will be opened where you can submit your complaint online.

Via Cyber Rescue Helpline

Dial 9911 from your mobile or landline phone and report your complaint. "Cyber Rescue Helpline 9911" is Cyber Crime complaint registration service where you can report your complaint at any time.

Visit to Cyber Crimes Zonal Offices

You can also go to the Cyber Crime Zones offices directly in order to register your complaint. These offices are located in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Quetta. 

Via email

You can email on

Written Complaint via Post

You can send a written application with your complete credentials (Name, Address, CNIC, and Contact No.) and details of your complaint to:
Director NR3C-FIA, National Police Foundation Building, 2nd Floor, Mauve Area, G-10/4, Islamabad

After receiving the complaint with proper and complete information, NR3C-FIA will reply to your complaint via email by assigning CCHD/# (Cyber Crime Helpdesk Number) within 24 hours. Further, your complaint will be forwarded to the concerned department/zone relevant to your complaint's subject after the approval of the competent authority of NR3C.

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