Ba Himmat Buzurg Programme - Monthly Allowance for People above 65 years of age

Punjab government will give a monthly allowance to people above 65 years of age in the entire province under 'Ba Himmat Buzurg Programme'. Rs. 3 billion have been allocated for this program. 

It has been observed that many senior citizens in our society are living a helpless life because they have not any source of income and neither their families nor society helps them to live a happy life. Now it is a great step by the government to provide them some type of help in the form of a monthly stipend or allowance so they can afford their basic necessities and live a better life. 
If this program comes into being, it will change the lives of many old age citizens. 
Punjab government has allocated more than Rs.17 billion in the current fiscal year for neglected segments of the society under Punjab Ehsas Programme. Government has also planned for the betterment of orphans and widows. 

Ba Himmat Buzurg Programme Allowance for Aged People
As soon as we get any details regarding how and where to apply for 'Ba Himmat Buzurg Program' and what are other requirements to fulfill be eligible for this program, we will share it here with you.

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