10 Things You Don't Know about Pakistan

You may have heard some unfortunate news about Pakistan on media. But today we will share 10 facts about Pakistan which you probably don't know. These facts will change your perspective of the country.
Pakistan is a beautiful as well as powerful country that has proven to be the epitome of resilience in the most difficult of times.
Here are some facts about Pakistan, people probably don't know.

6th Largest Country (by population)

Top-10 Most Populated Countries

Pakistan is the 6th largest country (by population) while China (1st), India (2nd) and the US (3rd). Other countries in the list of top-10 most populated countries are Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico. Approximately 2.6% of the world's total population resides in Pakistan.

7th Nuclear Power of the World (1st Nuclear Power of the Muslim World)

Pakistan - World's 7th Nuclear Power

On 28 May 1998, Pakistan became 7th nuclear power of the world when it successfully conducted five nuclear tests at Chaghi, in the province of Baluchistan. This was in direct response to India's nuclear explosions, just two weeks earlier. It is also worth mentioning that Pakistan is the first and only Muslim country which have attained nuclear power.
Other nuclear power countries are the US, Russia, France, China, UK, India, Israel and North Korea.

6th Largest Armed Forces

Pakistan has the 6th largest army in the world based on active military personnel. China is at number 1, India (2), USA (3), Russia (4) and North Korea (5).

K2 - Second Highest Peak of the World in Pakistan

8611m high K2 mountain is located on the border between Pakistan and China. K2, also known officially as Mount Godwin-Austen or Chhogori and is a part of the Baltoro Karakoram range.

Highest Mountains in Pakistan

The world’s highest mountain ranges exist in Pakistan. Pakistan has 40 out of 100 highest peaks of the world including Himalayas, Hindukush, Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum, Rakaposhi and Tirich Mir.

World’s Highest Polo Ground

World’s Highest Polo Ground is located at Shandur in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Second Largest Salt Mine in the World

Khewra Salt Mines are the world’s second largest and oldest salt mines. It was discovered by Alexander’s troops in 320 B.C. but started trading in the Mughal era. These salt mines are producing 350,000 metric tons per year. However, the salt mines reserves are estimated to be about 600 million tons.

World’s Largest Earth-Filled Dam

The Tarbela Dam is the largest earth-filled dam on planet earth. It’s also the 5th largest structure in the world by volume. 

World's Largest Ambulance Service

Edhi held the Guinness World Record for "Largest Volunteer Ambulance Organization" since 1997. Edhi Foundation owns more than 1800 ambulance vans all over Pakistan, 02 private jets and 01 helicopter as air ambulances. It also owns 28 rescue boats.

World’s 25th Largest Economy

List of countries by GDP (PPP) - Source: Wikipedia

Despite all the inflation, Pakistan is still at 25th position in the World's Top Economies on the basis of GDP (PPP - Purchase Power Parity). IMF, World Bank and CIA World Factbook; all ranked Pakistan at 25th position on GDP (PPP) basis among 190 countries of the world. 
On the basis of GDP (nominal), Pakistan stood at the position 40 as per the World Bank ranking (2017) and at the position of 41 as per IMF ranking (2017). 

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