Qatar offers 100,000 Jobs for Pakistanis

Qatar has offered 100,000 jobs for Pakistanis. According to details, a Qatari delegation recently visited Pakistan. They met with Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari aka Zulfi Bukhari, Especial Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources with a proposal of 100,000 jobs for Pakistanis. This delegation was headed by Major Abdullah Khalifa Al-Muhannadi, Director Management of Recruitment Support Services of Qatar. Major Abdullah of Qatar said that they had already directed Qatari recruitment agencies to hire more and more skilled workers and labor from Pakistan.
Qatar offers 100,000 jobs to Pakistanis

Visa Facilitation Centers will be established in Lahore and Peshawar to facilitate recruits. These centers will make the recruitment process easier for job seekers by allowing them to ensure that they meet all the requirements before the contract is initiated. Workshops will be arranged in major cities of Pakistan to hire workers. It is also very good news that these visas are free and fees incurred during the process will be paid by the employer companies/ organizations. Moreover, Pakistani workers would be protected under the wages protection system of Qatar.

Qatar approached Pakistan for hiring Pakistani manpower to construct the infrastructure of the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup and other mega projects.

It is pertinent to mention that Qatar is a small but very rich Arab country. It comes at 6th position as per world's per capita GDP so the wages in the country are high as compared to other countries of the region. 

There are already many Pakistanis working in this country and earning bread for their family. This new recruitment will not only bring employment opportunities for Pakistanis but it will also generate foreign exchange for Pakistan.

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