Kafir Kot - Ancient Hindu Temples and Forts in DI Khan

At the cliffs of mountains near Indus River in DI Khan district, there are ruins of ancient Hindu Temples and a fort named as Kafir Kot. The fort has crumbled over time but the temple still stands. These ruins are a sign of the existence of a Hindu civilization. It looks like a residential fort, which means that an entire city was once residing here. These temples are beautifully carved, and constructed in a cone shape. 

It is believed that these forts were built by Raja Bil about many centuries ago and was destroyed by Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi in the 11th century. 

Sculptures and architectural components from the site have been dispersed in the various museums of the world including British Museums. 

According to the District Gazetteer of Mianwali (published in 1915): 
"These forts are of great antiquity and interest. Their main features are an outer defensive wall, consisting of rough blocks of stone, some of great size, and various groups of buildings resembling small Hindu temples and more or less carved. These are built of a curiously honey-combed drab-colored stone not to be found in the adjacent hills, which is said to have been brought by river all the way from Khushalgarh. The area of the forts is considerable and they could have held a fairly large garrison. The only legends attached to them relate that they were occupied by the last of the Hindu Rajas, Til and Bil; but all traces of rulers and ruled are now lost."
Ancient Temples in Kafir Kot (DI Khan)

Kafir Kot - Location 

These Hindu temples are located on Mianwali – DI Khan Road. When you are going from Mianwali to DI Khan, after crossing the Chashma Lake and Chashma Barrage, turn right and Kafir Kot is located at a distance of 7.3 kilometers from there. There are hills on the left and river Indus on the right side. It is little difficult to locate Kafir Kot, despite having already marked the place on Google maps. Actually, it is on top of the hills and not visible from the road. The distance from the road to the gate of the city is approximately 630m. There is a steep track leading to the top of the mountain. You can travel either by foot or by car. Chasma Lake is visible from the height of Kafirkot. 
Map of this location is marked in the following Google map.

Kafir Kot Bilout 

There are two ruined forts on small hills attached to the lower spurs of the Khasor Range, and overlooking the Indus River. Northern Kafir Kot lies near Kundal and Southern Kafir Kot lies near Bilot. Bilot Fort is the second fort situated next to the town of Bilot Sharif and about 55 km north of DI Khan.
Ancient temples in Bilout (DI Khan)

I found following video documentary about Kafir Kot on the internet.

Final Views
It is a very historical place and may prove itself a big tourist attraction if it is properly managed and promoted.

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