Why Car Prices in Pakistan are Higher than rest of the World?

Although Pakistan is a huge automobile market but the auto industry of the country has not expanded as per market demand. In spite of being the 6th most populous country in the world, local vehicle manufacturers are very less. Lack of competition in the auto industry is mainly due to the existence of just three assemblers; Toyota, Suzuki and Honda. 
Cars prices in Pakistan are High

There were only few auto assembly industries in Pakistan until last year but now the scenario is being changed when the new international automakers attracted towards Pakistani auto market and they are setting up their assembly units in Pakistan. 

Car prices in Pakistan are higher and standards are comparatively low. If anyone wants to by a luxury car like Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser or BMW in Pakistan he has to pay a good amount of money while economy class cars are also costlier than the rest of the world. 

Today we will share prices of some cars in India to give you a glimpse. These prices are taken from the internet and converted to Pak Rupees as per today's rate.

Datsun Go D

It is a beautiful hatchback car. Its price in India is INR 3,68,000 (~ PKR 6,65,000).

Suzuki Maruti Alto 800 STD - price in India

Price of 796cc Suzuki Maruti Alto STD in India is INR 2,99,000 (~ PKR 5,40,000).

Tata Nano XE - Car price in India

It is a 4 seat, 624cc hatchback car. Its price in India is 2,62,000 Indian Rupees (~ PKR 4,73,000).

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If you are an overseas Pakistani living in any foreign country (Dubai, Europe, Australia, China etc) or you know the car prices in other countries, your comments in this regard are highly valuable to our readers. So please write car prices in any other country (if you know).

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