Don’t put a full stop to your career… #married ladies

Women are playing a very important and effective role in all aspects of life. Unlike a few ages back, women of today are not just handling domestic responsibilities but are also contributing to a nation’s progress. In many countries, approximately they cover more than half of a population so for a country’s progress and prosperity, the significant and momentous role of female members matters a lot. 

Though we see women in all fields and professions now, yet their existence or ratio is very low as compared to men. Many reasons are there for this less proportion and major of all is the married life. Many young, enthusiastic and energetic girls lack in making their career due to their domestic life. If somebody even tries to take both the things- domestic responsibilities and professional life together then the long queue of challenges and problems make it hard for her and ultimately she has to compromise on one. 

These challenges are not just from her private life but she also suffers many troubles at the workplace. Many females are prone to leave their careers due to all these problems. Few are stated below: 
  • Being a married woman is a job of 24/7. She has to act as a faithful companion, a caring and responsible mother and this duty get more burdened when the professional life also takes place. Both roles are demanding and don’t want negligence at all and it becomes hard for a woman to keep both of them happy and content at the same time. 
  • Usually, women can’t give extra time to their jobs when it is needed in the time of workload on companies. 
  • It’s a common perception especially of male boss that female workers are not hard working and concerned with their jobs. They are most of the time thinking about their family tasks, they just complete their 9 hours job and are in a rush to go back to their home, which makes it more difficult for a woman to prove her sincerity and loyalty towards the job. 
  • Lack of availability of daycare centers is another challenge for women at work. Due to few day care centers, their charges are also high which is again a financial burden. 
  • Here in Pakistan, the maternity leaves are usually unpaid and very less. Female workers are expected to rejoin their duty as soon as possible, which is obviously not easy at all. 
  • Many offices do not have feeding rooms or separate restrooms for females where they can take rest or feed their babies. 
  • No compensation on job hours or workload is offered. 

These are a few of the problems faced by women on the job, there can be numerous more. But one must not lose heart or hope because of these and should tackle the things smartly. Family and work conflict often brings tensions and anxiety among females which disturbs their nervous systems as well. Because of such hurdles women usually drop their careers and carry on with their family. I want to suggest all such career-oriented ladies, to act smartly and according to a plan to manage both personal and professional life. Don’t rush for marriage too early if your goals are still not achieved and if you are married then don’t plan babies early or keep a gap between babies so that it should not disturb your professional life. Many studies have shown that the size of family, the work hours, the ages of children and the level of social and family support impact the personal and professional life most. So plan up first and then act but don’t put a full stop to your career. Good opportunities are not offered again and again. Value yourself, your dreams and your family.

Post was written by Mr. Naveed

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