How to Get Free Prospectus of UK Universities by Post

Many young students of Pakistan have dreamed of studying abroad and especially in the United Kingdom. As a result, many of these Pakistani students succeed to get admission and visa to get higher studies in the UK. So, you can see a number of Pakistani students in all major universities of UK.
Many students have such plans to study in colleges and universities of the UK. And the first step to achieving this goal is to get a copy of prospectus and admission forms so you can completely know the programs being offered, facilities for international students and most importantly fees. Many agents/ student advisers ask for the money to get you a prospectus. But interestingly these are free of cost, most of the UK universities don't charge any fee for it.
Here I will show you how you can request free prospectus of UK universities. You can also search for such universities online. I have given below a list of universities which offer a free printed version of their prospectus and also send to you by post without even postal charges.
Below is a list of UK universities. Click on any of these and it will get you directly to the prospectus ordering form of that university.
(Note: Please use this facility wisely, request prospectus of only that university in which you are seriously interested.)

List of UK Universities for Free Printed Prospectus

  1. University of Leeds
  2. University of Brighton
  3. University of Oxford
  4. University of Cambridge
  5. Imperial College London
  6. University of Glasgow
  7. Newcastle University
  8. Queen Mary University of London
  9. The University of Edinburgh
  10. Heriot-Watt University
  11. Oxford Brookes University
  12. The University of Warwick
  13. University of Kent
  14. University of Sussex
  15. University of Essex
  16. The University of Sheffield
  17. Keele University
  18. University of Birmingham
  19. Kingston University London
  20. University of Westminster
  21. University of Sunderland
  22. Manchester Metropolitan University
  23. Plymouth University
  24. University of Liverpool
  25. The University of Manchester
  26. City University of London
  27. University of York
  28. University of Nottingham
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