How to get Fresh Currency Notes from Banks

State Bank of Pakistan has re-launched its SMS service for issuance of currency notes to the general public on this Eid just like previous years. This SMS service enables you to avoid long queues and get the work done by just sending an SMS. It is a tradition to give fresh notes to younger ones as EIDI. Fresh currency notes have also been provided to commercial banks. 
The service will be provided through 1,000 e-branches in 120 cities across Pakistan to ensure maximum geographical coverage.
Get Fresh Currency Notes from Banks on this Eid

How to get fresh currency notes?

To avail this service, you need to know e-branch ID of your nearest bank. You can obtain e-branch ID from here. Now, simply send 13 digit CNIC number-branch ID [e.g. 3230505531837(space)LHR072] code to 8877. Afterward, you will receive an SMS consisting of redemption code, e-branch address and redemption branch validity date. The redemption code will be valid for two working days. Now, just visit the respective branch and provide the redemption code along with your original CNIC. You will be given bundles of new currency notes of Rs. 10, Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 depending on the availability of stock.

The quota for Currency Notes

SBP has fixed a quota of currency notes (depending upon availability)  to be issued to each person. This quota consists of:
Three packets of Rs. 10
One packet of Rs. 50
One packet of Rs. 100 

Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for this State Bank of Pakistan service:
  • Any SMS sent to 8877 will be charged for Rs. 1.5 + tax per SMS.
  • New currency notes against a single CNIC and mobile number can be availed only ONCE.
  • For a different CNIC, use a different mobile number to get transaction code.
For any queries/complaints, you may contact the SBP BSC help desk at UAN 111-008-877 during office hours.
Update: On this Eid ul Azha, SBP has announced to 02 copies of Rs.10 notes for each person who sends a message on 8877. This offer is valid from 25 to 31 August 2017.

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