NAVTTC started Free Certificate Program for Skilled Manpower

NAVTTC (National Vocational and Technical Training Commission) started a free certification program for skilled manpower under PM Youth Skills Development Program. Skilled persons, who have capabilities/ expertise but don't have any certificate, can now get government issued certificate after passing the test. Currently this program is started for following 3 professions:
  1. Auto Mechanic
  2. Heavy Machinery Operator
  3. Mason/ Tile Fixer
Hopefully certification in other fields will also be started later on.
Apply before 20th February 2017. Successful candidates after test will get certificate within 3 weeks. There is no registration or examination fee, it is totally free. Candidates should have experience letter of at least 2 years.
Please share this information with ay of your relative or friend who have any of the above skill but don't have any certificate.Certificate is a proof of anybody's skills and he may get better jb and wages. Moreover, certified professionals can easily get jobs in Middle East.
For more details, see following image.
Get Free Skills Certificate


  1. Very informative.....i learned a lot from this.

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