Pakistanis with the most Children

Until the 20th century, it was very common to have more than 6 children, and even in many cases more than 10 children by a single couple in Pakistan and India. Now when governments and international organizations are advocating birth control through every means, most of the people have 2 to 3 children on average. Though it is not very common but some people have many children. 

Following are Pakistanis who have fathered most children:
Dr. Jan Muhammad of Quetta has 33 children including 14 sons and 19 daughters, from 3 wives and he is planning for his 4th marriage. They all are living jointly and very happily. He enjoyed playing with his children. Watch this video by Dawn News.

Muhammad Yousaf of Sargodha's village Nathuwala has fathered at least 41 children (10 sons and 31 daughters) from 7 wives. He wanted to have more than 100 children. He is a worker at a local farmhouse. He even forgets the names of his children. Watch a video about him.

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