General Guidelines for Air Passengers in Pakistan

General guidelines for air passenger, who are traveling to or from Pakistan, are given here in English and Urdu.
  1. Do not carry any banned/restricted item /goods on board. Contact concerned Airline or its representative in this regard.
  2. Do not place your valuable items, for example, currency, jewelry, Laptop, mobile phone, tablet, computer, camera, watch etc, in your check-in baggage during departure.
  3. Strictly adhere to the baggage weight limit policy and other instructions written on the Airline ticket.
  4. Kindly take care of your baggage.
  5. Do not take any item, eatable, tea/drink etc from anyone / unknown person.
  6. Do not forget to pick/collect your baggage after search/screening from Customs, ANF and ASF.
  7. Obtain necessary information regarding ticket/journey from Airline representative at the time of receiving the boarding pass.
  8. Do not give / handover your hand carry bag/item to anyone.
  9. Register your complaint regarding loss, damage or theft of/from baggage immediately to Airline or its representative on arrival at destination.
  10. Do not forget to bring your CNIC.

General Guidelines for Air Passengers in Pakistan (in Urdu)

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