How to Check if a Samsung LED TV is Original or Fake?

Markets are full of fake LED TVs and it is quite hard to differentiate for a common man. People often ask me how to check if a Samsung LED TV is original or fake. So here I will show you how easily you can verify if any specific Samsung TV is original or not? 
Fake vs Original Samsung LED TV

How to Check if a Samsung LED TV is Original?

Samsung Pakistan has provided information for its customers' to check the originality of  Samsung LED TV before buying, through the following advertisement.
How to Check if Samsung LED TV is Original or not?

1. Official Distributor's Logo on Warranty Card

There should be an authentic distributor logo on the warranty card. MRM and Smart Zone are official distributors of Samsung TV.

2. Samsung Toll-Free Number Sticker

There should be a sticker of Samsung Toll-free number. If there is no sticker on the box it is a fake TV and you should not buy it.

3. Samsung Logo

Carefully examine Samsung's brand logo as given in the above image.

4. Verify by calling to Samsung Helpline 0800-72678 

You can confirm by dialing Samsung Helpline 0800-72678. They will ask for the model code and serial number and will reply to you after checking from their database. If it is genuine they will inform you otherwise you may have brought a fake item. It is only applicable to the TVs bought during and after the year 2015.

There are many other shreds of evidence of copied products e.g. if the quoted price is very less and have a lot of features, it's only mean that the item is not genuine. You can also ensure that you are buying the original product by purchasing it from the company's authorized dealers.


  1. I wanna check my model number

  2. I buy a Samsung TV but I don't know this TV is original or fake please guide me

    1. Is the Logo on the BOX REAL? My box had a Fake Samsung Sticker , lol just realised it after a year.

  3. I buy a Samsung tv but I don't know if it's fake or original and even the original size

  4. I want to buy an original 43" sumsang tv and it's how much there am here in zambia

  5. I'm convinced my is a fake. Problem is...I need to update the software. Can anyone here assist me with that? Your help will be much appreciated

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