A New, Completely Free Way to Unblocking Websites in Pakistan – from Hotspot Shield

As time goes by, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the YouTube ban is not going anywhere. But we’ve found another easy and free solution for you: Hotspot Shield browser extensions. 

Hotspot Shield, one of the most well-known tools in Pakistan for unblocking websites, has introduced a light, completely free version as Google Chrome plugins and Mozilla Firefox add-ons. Now it doesn’t matter where you live. Using these extensions, you can access any website including YouTube easily, in only two steps:

1. Add the Hotspot Shield plugin to your browser by following the relevant link below:
Hotspot Shield VPN Chrome Extension: http://smarturl.it/HSSChrome
Hotspot Shield VPN Firefox Add-on: http://smarturl.it/HSSFirefox

After that, you’ll see the plugin at the top right corner of your browser like this:

2. Just slide the button to turn on Hotspot Shield and it will become green, as shown below: 

Now you can enjoy streaming as much content as you want, with no limitations!

Some interesting features to note:
  • Completely FREE
  • Unlimited bandwidth (Stream ALL you want)
  • NO ads
  • 5 virtual locations
  • One-click installation, very easy to use

With over 350 million downloads globally, Hotspot Shield is a useful tool to have because it allows you to access any blocked website or content from around the world, unblock social networks and keep your browser activities safe and private. It hides your IP address, identity and location from websites and online trackers for maximum privacy and security while preventing personal information theft. Secure all browser activity with banking-level encryption on any public or private network.

Most importantly, you can use Hotspot Shield to access YouTube and any other blocked websites easily. Just click relevant link, add the plugin to your browser, and start streaming! Enjoy and let us know about your experience!

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