Good News: Pakistan has made its place in World's Top-10 Stock Markets

Pakistan Stock Market has been included in World's Top-10 Stock Markets. According to details, Karachi Stock Exchange KSE 100 has been included in "Ten Best Stock Markets in the World in 2015", a report prepared by Khaleej Times. The list is prepared on the basis of returns. 

In the times when TV channels and newspapers are full of bad news, the inclusion of Pakistan Stock Market in world's best stock markets is a very good sign for investors and also good news for the general public.

According to the report, Karachi Stock Exchange lost 20% of its value in February and March, but rebounded to give investors a solid 5% return on the year. 

Following is the list of Best Stock Markets in the world:
  1. Argentina 
  2. Hungary 
  3. Jamaica 
  4. Iceland 
  5. Denmark 
  6. Ireland 
  7. Botswana 
  8. France 
  9. Russia 
  10. Pakistan
Source: Khaleej Times

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