40+ Best Pakistani Life Hacks aka Jugaad

Jugaad or juggarr is a Pakistani term which means life hack or innovative fix. The word Jugaad is commonly used for making things better with available resources and tools which are not meant for it. We Pakistanis are very much innovative in fixing and using things in an unusual way, which was never thought before.

Here are 40+ images which show best and ultimate Pakistani Jugaad ever.

Jugaad Swimming Pool

Motorcycle Cart Jugaad in Pakistan

Amazing Life Hack

Bricks on Cycle Jugaad

Broken Door Knob Hack

Candle Shower Jugaad

Car Seat on Bicycle Jugaad

Using a Bamboo to fix Clock Time

Cool Idea

Door Lock Hack

Car Cup Holder made with Duct Tape

Everything is Reusable in Pakistan

Fix the Overheating Charger

I am speechless to see such type of Food Security

Funny Driving Simulator in Pakistan

Mobile Keypad Pakistani Jugaad

Air Cooler installed in Rickshaw 


Funny Privacy

Hot Water in Kitchen Life Hack


Kitchen Life Hack

Hard Disk converted in Knife Sharpener

Innovative Pakistanis 

It was Mummy's Idea

Another Use of Helmet in Pakistan

Hi-Tech Shaving in Pakistan

Simple Life Hack - Warm your Pizza with overheated Charger

Most Dangerous Life Hack

Land Hack - A complete Multi-story House in place of just a Wall

Feeling Cool - An Idea in Load-shedding  


Natural Mud Slide Life Hack

Shopper Umbrella Jugaad

Railway Sleeper Class

Solar Powered Mobile Charger

One AC for Two Rooms
Home Made Computer

One of our teachers told us in technology college, that a multinational company designed a scanner machine for separating empty soap boxes which cost them millions of dollars and also have high operating costs. For the same purpose here in Pakistan, a local soap company installed a pedestal fan on the conveyor belt, with almost zero operating cost. This was just an example that sometimes a Jugaad may save you from many problems. But always keep in mind that personal safety should not be taken at risk.

Which is the best jugaad in your opinion? 

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