Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Route, Stations and Ticketing Details

Metro Bus Service has been started from today in Islamabad-Rawalpindi twin cities. It is the second metro bus service in Pakistan. Lahore Metro is already running since 2013. Government has also planned for Metro Bus Services in Faisalabad, Multan, Karachi and Peshawar. 

Ticketing booths, escalators, platform screen, toilets, doors turnstiles for automatic fare collection and all other facilities for passenger convenience are provided at all stations. Free WiFi is also available at all Metro stations and in the buses.

Islamabad Metro has 68 buses in its fleet.

Islamabad Metro Bus Service

Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Bus Stations

There are 14 stations in Islamabad and 10 stations in Rawalpindi. Stations in Rawalpindi are Saddar, Marrir Chowk, Liaqat Bagh, Committee Chowk, Waris Khan, Hospital/ Chandani Chowk, Rehmanabad, 6th Road, Shamsabad and Faizabad. Stations in Islamabad are IJP Road, Pothohar Road, Khyaban-e-Johar, Faiz Ahmed Faiz Road, Kashmir Highway, Chamman Road, Ibn-e-Sina Road, Katchehri Station, Centaurus, Saudi Pak Tower, 7th Avenue, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Parade Ground and Secretariat. 

Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Bus Route

The total length of the route is 24km. Here is an interactive Metro Bus Route

How to Buy and Use Tokens/ Cards?

How to Buy Metro Bus Smart Card

Single-ride tokens are for a single journey and can be bought from the ticketing booth at Metro Stations. RFID based Metro Cards can also be bought from the stations by paying a security deposit of Rs. 133. You can load money on this smart card. 
To know details about Metro Smart Cards, you can visit the following link
Metro Bus Smart Card


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