Model Ayyan Ali Biography and Exclusive Photos

Model Ayyan Ali Biography 

Pakistani Super Model Ayyan Ali was born on 30 July 1993 in Dubai. Her height is 5'9". She started modeling at the age of just 16 years in 2010. She has participated in 1500 print campaigns and 35 commercials. She was Brand Ambassador of many world-renowned brands including Samsung, Honda, Toyota, Sunsilk, L’Oreal, Calvin Klein, Magnum and Coca-Cola.

Ayyan Ali has also sung a few songs. Her track "Making Dollars" was No.1 on Soundcloud and charts in Greece.

She has won many awards:
  • U.S. Consulate General ‘Women’s Day Best Model Award 2009
  • Miss Calvin Klein Beauty Award 2011
  • Best Female Model Pakistan Media Awards 2012
  • Best Female Model Hum Awards 2013
  • Veet Award 2013
  • Best Female Model Express Tribune Awards 2013
  • Beauty icon of the year Pakistan Media Awards 2014
  • Best Female Model Pakistan Media Awards 2014
  • Woman’s Day Beauty Icon of the Year 2014
She has also been nominated four times for the Lux Style Awards.
Ayyan Ali was arrested by Airport Security Force (ASF) for money laundering on 14 March 2015 while she was boarding a flight through a private airline to UAE from Benazir International Airport Islamabad. An amount of US$ 506,800 was found from her luggage while checking. The legal limit of cash that can be carried out of Pakistan is US$ 10,000.

Ayyan Ali Exclusive Photos while Police Custody during Judicial Remand

Here are photos of Model Ayyan Ali during Police custody.


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