Childhood Pictures of 50 Pakistani Celebrities

Today we are sharing something very interesting with our visitors. It is an amazing collection of childhood pictures of Pakistani celebrities. It includes photos of National Heroes, Politicians, Cricketers, Actors, Actresses, Singers, and Models, etc. When these pictures were taken no one knew how famous these children will become in the future. Many of these have been changed so much that it is hard to recognize their early age photos but some are still very much identical and alike to their childhood photos. But all of these are very cute and lovely in their childhood.

Here are childhood photos of some very famous celebrities of Pakistan. Have a look and enjoy.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal - Childhood Photo

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed - Childhood Photo

Ashfaq Ahmed - Childhood Photo

Benazir Bhutto - Childhood Photo

Imran Khan - Childhood Photo

Gen. Pervez Musharraf - Childhood Photo

Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti - Childhood Photo

Altaf Hussain - Childhood Photo

Aamina Sheikh - Childhood Photo

Style diva Amina Khan in her childhood.

Adeel Hashmi - Photo

Adeel Hashmi's college days pic

Adnan Malik - Childhood Photo

Ahmed Jahanzeb - Childhood Photo

Looks almost same to same.

Ali Zafar - Childhood Photo

Who knew that this naught kid will become Asia's most handsome and charming showbiz celebrity.

Annie - Childhood Photo

Arij Fatyma - Childhood Photo

Atif Aslam - Childhood Photo

When Atif Aslam was a child

Atiqa Odho - Childhood Photo

Most charming lady of Pakistan in her childhood.

Bushra Ansari - Childhood Photo

Funny Bushra Ansari in her childhood

Danish Taimoor - Childhood Photo

Farooq Hassan - Childhood Photo

Fawad Khan - Childhood Photo

One of the most expensive celebrities these days, Fawad Khan looks extremely dashing in this click of his childhood.

Hadiqa Kiani - Childhood Photo

Hamza Ali Abbasi - Childhood Photo

Looks very dashing in his early years.

Haroon - Childhood Photo

Imran Abbas - Childhood Photos

Some people are born smart, grow smart and then look even smarter as their life progresses, and Imran Abbas is one of those smart people.

Jaanan Malik - Childhood Photo

Mahira Khan - Childhood Photos

We all like her, don't we?

Mehwish Hayat - Childhood Photos

Who knew that this little girl will be one of the top 10 beautiful faces of Pakistan someday? 

Mikaal Zulfiqar - Childhood Photo

Mikaal was even cuter in his childhood.

Nadia Hussain - Childhood Photo

Nadia Jameel - Childhood Photo

It is hard to judge from her childhood picture that she has turned into a celebrity known as Nadia Jameel.

Nazia Hassan - Childhood Photo

Nazia Hassan (late) in her childhood days.

Noor - Childhood Photo

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Childhood Photo

Perveen Shakir - Childhood Photo

Rabiya Butt - Childhood Photo

Reema Khan - Childhood Photo

Reema looks also pretty in her childhood.

Sajal Ali - Childhood Photo

She has hardly changed a bit, from her eyes to her smile.

Sanam Baloch - Childhood Photo

 Sanam Baloch was born a beauty? Isn't she? 

Sanam Saeed - Childhood Photo

Sara Chaudhry - Childhood Photo

Beautiful face of Sara seems to has not changed a bit with age.

Shahid Afridi - Childhood Photo

Lala Afridi looks very cute and naughty in his childhood.

Sumbul Iqbal - Childhood Photo

She looks pretty the same in both of the pictures.

Wasim Akram - Childhood Photo

Wasim Akram with his family, when he was a cute kid.

Zainab Jameel - Childhood Photo

Same style as in Khabarnaak.

Please share your views about this photo collection. Who looks cuter in childhood? And who has changed his/ her looks a lot? Whose photo is missing?


  1. These are looking very beautiful pictures of Pakistani celebrities in their childhood.

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