Participate in World's Largest Online Photo Competition in Pakistan

Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) is holding an online photography competition in September 2014 to promote the cultural heritage of Pakistan. Wiki Loves Monuments Pakistan is a part of the international annual photographic competition Wiki Loves Monuments, which is the world’s biggest photography competition according to the Guinness World Records. "Wiki Loves Monuments" is sponsored by Wikimedia Organization, which runs and owns Wikipedia. 

Aim of the photo competition is to highlight and promote the cultural heritage sites of the participating
countries including Pakistan with the goal to encourage people to capture pictures of historically and culturally significant sites.

Wiki Loves Monuments is annually taking place every September since 2010. This is the first time Pakistan is participating in international photos competition. Please participate. The world is waiting to see what cultural heritage of Pakistan means to you!

Pakistan’s cultural heritage is rich and diverse covering thousands of years of its history. All archaeological sites, monuments, buildings, shrines, places of worship and tombs in Pakistan, listed on Wikipedia’s page, are eligible for the competition.

Wiki Loves Monuments has nominated local organizing committee and jury board for Pakistani Photographer Contestants.

Competition Schedule

Participants can upload photos during the whole month of September 2014.
In October, judges will begin evaluating the photographs and award prizes for the best photos in Pakistan and globally.
Prizes will be presented to the winners at the awards ceremony which will take place in November

How to Participate in the Photography Competition in Pakistan

Anyone can participate in the competition by registering a free account on Wikipedia. 
  • Create an account at Wikipedia by visiting this page.
  • Choose the sites to photograph. You can use lists of cultural heritage sites in Pakistan on Wikipedia to find subjects to photograph. The region-wise pages enlist the names and locations of sites. Photos must be of an eligible listed site. All other photos will be disqualified.
  • Take photographs of the sites. You can take multiple photos of the same site; interior and exterior shots, specific architectural details, different times of day, different angles. You are also welcome to submit photos you may have taken in the past.
  • Upload the photos.  Visit lists of cultural heritage sites in Pakistan on Wikipedia and click the upload photo icon in front of the concerned site on lists and follow the instructions in the upload wizard. There is no limit to how many photos you can enter. We would advise, however, that you be selective and only upload your best shots! Upload the photos before the final deadline of 24:00 PST on 30th September 2014.

Awards and Prizes for Photography Competition Winners 

The competition will have two rounds of prizes and awards; Pakistani Awards and International Awards. Followings are prizes for best photographs in Pakistan. 
  • First position: Rs 20,000 
  • Second position: Rs 15,000 
  • Third position: Rs 10,000 
  • Fourth and fifth position: Rs 5,000 each 
  • The top 10 photographs will also win many non-cash gifts.
  • Best 50 photographs including top ten winning entries will be later featured in exhibitions as well. 
The Pakistani jury will nominate three best and the seven highly recommended photos for the international contest, which has its own jury and awards. Last year the international winner won travel scholarship (had a maximum value of $3,000) to attend the Wikimania in London.

Result announced. See Top-10 Photos of Pakistan selected by Wikipedia

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