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Payoneer is an internet-based service that issues prepaid Master Debit Cards to its users. Payoneer is alternate to PayPal and Wire Transfer Services. Unlike PayPal, this service is available in Pakistan too. So Pakistanis who have not regular Credit Cards and are in search of an alternate way to send and receive money worldwide, they can get a free Payoneer Master Debit Card. 

Payoneer Cards can be used at any ATM or POS (Point of Sale). Any Payoneer Cardholder can receive money and send payments to anyone around the world online. This prepaid debit card can be used for online shopping, payments to Facebook and AdWords etc. You can simply withdraw money from PayPal, Skrill and many other online financial services.

How to Get Payoneer Card

I got my first Payoneer Card back in June 2011 and got a new card this year after the expiry of the previous card.

You can easily get a Payoneer Master Debit Card without any checking account in a Bank or any Bank Statement. Here is step by step procedure to apply:

1. Visit

2. Fill out the form with your Name, Email, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number etc.

3. Click "FINISH" button after reading terms and conditions.

4. You will get a confirmation email instantly. And you will receive Debit Card in 3 to 4 weeks.

5. After getting your card, you have to activate it. Visit for activation. You will be asked to fill your card's number, expiry date etc.

Once activated, you can start receiving and sending amount.

How to Load Money in Your Payoneer Card from Pakistan?

4 years ago I needed a credit card for online payment to Facebook and Google AdWords for the advertisement of website, and I also want to avoid regular Credit Cards issued by local banks due to interest/ markup involved with these. I got UBL Wiz Card which is also a free prepaid debit card. It works well for payments to online local shopping and on ATMs but I faced the problem for payments to some international companies. Then I came to know about Payoneer and got my card.

Now I found that loading money to Payoneer Card with UBL Wiz Card is very simple. So whenever I want money in my Payoneer Card, I load money to my Wiz Card by visiting any UBL Bank Branch and then transfer this amount to Payoneer Card from where I can use it anywhere online.

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  1. when u load your payoneer card from ubl wiz card...any deductions due to charges? plz tell.

  2. do you load amount in my payoneer card ?

  3. Sir me ne 11 nov ko payoner card k liy apply kiya lekin wo abi tk ni aya 30 din ho gye hn
    M ab kya kron
    2 card order kiye hn

  4. AnonymousMay 12, 2016

    sir, are you alive to answer the comments?? ??

  5. AFTER HOW MANY days we get payoneer Card???

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