Pakistan included in "15 Most Powerful Militaries of the World"

Global Firepower (GFP) used over 50 factors to determine the ranking of today's World Top Military Powers. These factors include Population, Area, Available Manpower, Active Military Manpower, Reserve Military Manpower, Tanks, Aircraft, Helicopters, Airports, Naval Ships, Submarines, Coastline, Borders, Oil Production and Consumption, Railways and Road Infrastructure, Annual Defense Budget, Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves etc.

Total of 106 countries were included in the GFP database. Data and facts are collected through publicly available information. And by using this complex data, Power Index (Pwrindx) is assigned to each nation.

Pakistan came at 15th position. 

USA is at first position, Russia 2nd, China 3rd, India 4th, UK 5th, France 6th, Germany 7th, Turkey 8th, South Korea 9th, Japan 10th, Israel 11th, Italy 12th, Egypt 13th, Brazil 14th and Pakistan 15th.

Iran at 22nd position, Saudi Arabia 25th, Syria 26th, Bangladesh 56th, Jordan 67th, Iraq 68th, Oman 69th, Kuwait 74th and Afghanistan is at 76th.

Libya, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Qatar and Lebanon stand at 78 to 83  numbers accordingly. 

List of the "35 Most Powerful Militaries in the World" is given below while major factors are given against each country.

Source: GFP and
Image by: Business Insider

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