3G Settings for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

3G and 4G services are about to launch in Pakistan and every smartphone user is in search of settings, "how to activate 3G/ 4G on mobiles or tablets". Majority of the smartphones in Pakistan are running on Android OS, so we are sharing a very simple tutorial for setting up and enabling 3G/ 4G on your mobiles or tablets.

First of all your device must be 3G ready, you can check whether your phone is 3G ready or not, by searching specifications of your mobile phone and looking for 3G Network over there.

If your phone has 3G technology, then you have to buy a data bundle from your service provider. Every service provider (Zong, Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor) have different data bundles/ packages and also have different subscription procedure etc shortcodes.

3G Settings on Android Mobiles and Tablets

We are using HTC Sensation XE with Android  4.0.3 (ICS).
  • Go to "Settings"

  • Long press "Mobile Network"

  • Select "Network Mode"

  • Select "GSM/ WCDMA auto"

You have completed 3G settings on your mobile or tablet. And 3G services will be available when you are in a 3G coverage area.

The above procedure might be somehow slightly different on different mobiles and Android versions. But you can easily find "Mobile Network" anywhere in "Settings Menu". 

And the term GSM/WCDMA might also vary e.g. WCDMA/ GSM or WCDMA (preferred)/ GSM etc. It is OK to select whichever is given in the combination of GSM and WCDMA.

Click here for 3G settings of iPhone, Windows, Nokia and BlackBerry.

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3G/ 4G Settings in Urdu

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