Raiwind Palace - Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif House

Raiwind Palace is the residence of Sharif Family, located in Jati Umra near Raiwind, Lahore. Its total area is about 1700 acres while its floor area is about 2500 kanal. The total area of Raiwaind Palace is bigger than Allam Iqbal Town Lahore where thousands of families are living.

Nawaz Sharif in Raiwind Palace
Raiwind Palace Photos
Raiwind Palace is one of the biggest houses in Pakistan.
Public of Pakistan is hand to mouth while leaders are living such a luxurious life. Millions of Pakistanis have no shelters while rulers are living in such big houses which is even sufficient for thousands of families to live.

The ownership of the Raiwind palace is a mystery because of it has never been declared in the assets statements Nawaz Sharif or Shahbaz Sharif. However, PML-N Spokesman said that the property was in the name of Shamim Sharif, mother of the Sharif brothers.

Watch this video of Raiwind Palace.

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