iPhone 6 Pictures, Specifications, Release Date & Price in Pakistan

When will the next iPhone come out? Will it be called iPhone 6 or something else? How it will look like and what new features will be added to upcoming iPhone? What is its expected release date? These are the few most discussed topics among iPhone lovers nowadays. People also search leaked photos of iPhone 6. Here you will get answers to all your questions about iPhone 6 and also see its leaked photos.

Apple hasn't officially announced but there are many rumors about iPhone 6; its look, design, specifications, features, release date and price etc. So there is nothing definite and confirmed until Apple released any detail but are sharing available information with our readers and will keep it updating as soon as we get anything new regarding this.

iPhone 6 Specifications

There are many predictions about specifications and features about the iPhone 6. Some rumored and expected specifications are below:
Bigger Screen Size ranging from 4.5 to 5.5 inches
Use of Sapphire Glass and Quantum Dot (QD) Technology for better display quality
Edge to Edge Display
Use of more durable materials
A8 Chip - More Powerful Processor
iOS 8
NFC Technology
iPhone 6 could have 10MP or 12MP Camera as 5S and 5C already has 8 Mega Pixel Camera
Thinner than iPhone 5

iPhone 6 Release Date

Apple launched a new phone almost every year and iPhone 5S and 5C were newest in this series, which were made available in September 2013. So next iPhone is expected to be released till the end of the year 2014. An analyst claimed during MWC (Mobile World Conference) that iPhone 6 will be launched in July 2014. However, it will be officially launched in Pakistan in December 2014 probably. 

iPhone 6 Design Concept Photos

iPhone Price in Pakistan

Its price will be low in Europe, USA and other western world as it comes there in contract with service providers while in Pakistan it will be available unlocked and contract-free so the price will be around 900 US Dollars or about 90,000 Pak Rupees.


  1. I just bought the new iPhone6 16GB from Vmart.pk and its awesome. Prices are also good. All i want is a great backcover . ..

  2. Hi Good News, Apple has decided to launch iPhone in Pakistan by end of Nov'14

  3. Apple has also Introduced Customized 24 carrat Gold iPhone 5s,6 & 6 Plus.for more details.

  4. cheer up,,,Apple iPhone6 and 6Plus are being launched in Pakistan on Dec11,at 12.01......it will also available at Apple Authorised Stores........ Go for Genuine sets with warranty... beware of Gray market ,
    Apple iPhone/iPad warranty is not International its regional, only iPhones shipped officially for Pakistan and purchased from official authorised source will get official warranty....Donot take risk
    just hold for Launch.

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