Introduction of 3G & 4G Technology in Urdu

Here you will read about 3G and 4G Technology in Urdu. What is 3G and what is 4G? What is the difference in data transfer speed of both technologies? 

History of third and fourth generation data transfer technologies. Which technology is being used in developed countries and when will be it available in Pakistan? How it will be beneficial for Pakistanis in the near future?

These technologies empowered mobile phones to be used in the place of computers.

Below is the answer to all these and much more information in Urdu.




  1. Intereating

  2. 3G (3rd Generation) Technology mobile ki latest telecommunication, technology hai, Jo esi services ko support karti hai Jis k through information minimum 200kb/s transfer rate se provide ki ja sakti han. 1G (Network Analog) ko 1982 me introduce kiya gya tha, And after this every ten years later, A new generation of Technology has appeared.

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